15 Magical Summer Necessities For The Girl Who’s Really A Mermaid At Heart


An Actual Mermaid Tail

If you’re being honest with yourself, this is the one item you’ve always dreamed of and never had the courage to google to see if it existed. Well, it does. You can finally put on a real, actual mermaid tail and swim away into the sunset. And just look at all the COLORS!

A Gorgeous Gold Seashell Locket

Classic and lovely, this necklace will go great with any summer outfit and a golden tan.

A Retro Swimsuit That Finally Turns You Into Ariel

Yeah, I bought this swimsuit. I bought the HELL out of it. I love the retro one-piece halter look and the Ariel coloring just looks so fantastic without going too over-the-top with actual purple clamshells. You better believe I’m going to sing that rock part of “Part of Your World” during Lake Weekend this summer.

A Sweet Scaly Swim Cover-Up To Maintain The Mermaid Look

…I also bought this, because why break the illusion of your glittery green tail when you’re forced to get out of the water? This is The Summer Of The Mermaid and I’m totally OWNING it, guys.

A Calming Mermaid Coloring Book

2015 introduced us to the craze that is adult coloring books, so get down with your creative self and destress by coloring some gorgeous mermaids and under-sea scenes.

A Towel That Properly Portrays Your Frustrations At Not Being A Mermaid

You ARE kinda pissed, aren’t you? I know I am.

A Perfect Pair Of Leggings To Make You Forget Your Legs

I honestly think these would look killer at the club. (And I don’t even GO to clubs.) Pair them with a spiked set of heels and prepare to cast a siren spell over everyone around you.

A Book That Extensively Covers The Lore Of Your Merpeople

It’s important to know your heritage, especially when it’s as badass as THIS heritage.

A Blanket For Those Unfortunate Times You Can’t Be In The Water

How cozy does that look? So cozy.

A Decorative Sign That Speaks The Truth

My favorite part of going to the beach — other than EVERYTHING — is the amazing effects sand and saltwater have on my hair. I imagine that every day as a mermaid is one that’s blessed with perfectly tousled tresses and this sign is a lovely reminder of that fact.

A Set Of Sweet Starfish Sandals

A pair of flip-flops is a summer must-have so may as well complete the mermaid look with these super-cute starfish sandals. (They mayyyy leave an odd tanline, though… just fair warning…)

A Perfect Beach Towel For Lounging Near The Pool/Ocean/Grotto

Since we live on land we must, at some point, dry off. This towel is a great way to share your motto with the world.

A T-Shirt To Tell The World Who You Really Are

Light, breezy, and beautiful… just like you!

A Dinglehopper For The Best Hair Days EVER

Admit it: you combed your hair with a fork at some point because Ariel did it. It’s okay, I did too. But now you can actually brush your hair with your very own Dinglehopper!

A Survival Guide For Landlocked Mermaids

Because we all know life as a landlocked mermaid is pretty tough and could use some words of wisdom.