15 Notes To Self


1. Enjoy your day. You must have a special day for yourself — a Hakuna Matata day when all you have to do is to enjoy. Sleep the whole day if you like. Eat the foods you crave. Read all the untouched books in your shelves. Do whatever you want.

2. Create an online journal. Share to the world your stories, thoughts and memories. Your mind is meant to be heard by thousands of people.

3. Trust your instincts. If you feel like doing something you’ve never tried before because you feel it will do you good, go. Grab the moments since moments only come once and the moment they slipped into your fingertips, they’re gone.

4. Don’t be afraid of mistakes and failures. They are made for you to learn. Try and try but make sure you aren’t repeating those old stupid foolish mistakes.

5. Grab scratch papers when you’re bored. Write down everything that goes in your head. Keep them and read them five years from now and you will be surprised how your mind worked back then.

6. Write letters to the significant people in your life who touched your heart that damn well.

7. Google the things you like. If you love dogs and big houses, browse them. Search for the stuff you really like.

8. Always believe in yourself. You can’t do or achieve something you truly desire ever since if you will just stay in one corner of the room crossing your fingers for miracles to happen.

9. Always try to find the good things into the people around no matter how much they annoy you.

10. Go out with your old friends. You will surely not regret the times you spent with them because you will all be surrounded with crazy and loud laughter as if tomorrow isn’t coming.

11. Read a lot. Read books, magazines, online entries or whatsoever to enrich your knowledge. Reading is fun. It always will be.

12. Don’t take life too seriously. Stop worrying about nothing. Life is beautiful, and taking it that darn serious will drive you nuts.

13. Watch cool and funny videos on cable channels or Youtube. You deserve to laugh. Learn at least how to have fun via simple things.

14. Take a slow long walk at night while admiring the glimmering stars in the velvet sky.

15. Learn how to let go of the things which bring you tons of regret, pain and sorrow. Letting go is a must. Living in the past won’t help you.