15 People Reveal The Sex Advice That Spiced Up Their Love Life


1.Don’t expect someone to just know what you want. Tell them.”

2.Someone told us to ditch the PJs and sleep naked. Frequency of sex increased almost immediately.”

3.Don’t use porn as a reference. Not everyone is going to have a horse cock, and positions look as awkward as they seem when you’re doing it. Your sex doesn’t have the production quality of a porno.”

4.If you don’t like what’s happening, say it.”

5.Forget about any hang ups you have about your body. If you are at the point where clothes are coming off the other person does not care about your perceived personal flaws, they just want to be with you.”

6.Guys, if you can feel your fingernail when you scratch the inside of you cheek, then your nails are long.”

7.Anticipation and foreplay. If you really build it up the right way, she’ll be practically forcing you to fuck her.”

8.TO ALL MEN: Do not stay quiet. Moan. We like it.”

9. “For ladies: Don’t be self conscious about your body; just go on top.”

10.To not be afraid to be sexually aggressive. It’s sort of bred into women that if you have a high sex drive and enjoy sex, that’s not normal or you’re a slut. I’ve found most men thoroughly enjoy when I’m aggressive and let it be known what I want.”

11. “Use the underside of your tongue when going down on a girl, its smooth unlike the top and feels better.”

12. “If she says “don’t stop” don’t go harder. Do exactly what you are already doing.”

13.Think less about what you can get from sex and more about what you can give to it – make it mutual and not one-sided.”

14. “Go slow at first. Save the speed up for later.”

15. “I think it’s important to just relax and have fun. Stop trying to be the god of sex and you will have better sex.”