15 People Talk About The Unexplainable, Freaky Things They Saw While Flying


UFOs, reptilian men, extraterrestrials, anal probing, those are real things that people believe in. The truth is out there, and it all starts with sodomy in sterile laboratories. Found in this Reddit thread.

1. Who eats a banana like that?

As a passenger I once saw a guy eating a rotten banana. The banana wasn’t spotted brown or anything like that. It was a dark brown, almost black and was clearly a rotten one. He peeled it, saw the brown and black banana and tore it apart and then ate it. Afterwards he took the skin and ate it like beef jerky. Tearing it with his teeth and munching down on it.

For the life of me I will never be able to explain why a man would eat a banana like that.

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2. “God’s testicles”

We observed two bright balls of white light that were rotating around each other. The spacing between the two objects would fluctuate as it rotated and it would vanish and then reappear every 2-3 rotations. Every time it reappeared it would be at a different altitude or moving at a slower/faster pace. It all happened in the space of 2-3 minutes. These things were fast.

Never really found out if this particular video was faked or not, but they moved exactly like the objects in this video:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdMFLNHi62o&w=584&h=390]

3. Dildos can be found anywhere on this planet

Not a pilot, but as a passenger I once saw a dildo strapped to a huge ass helium balloon.

4. Simply unexplainable

My dad is an airline captain. He has seen really strange unexplainable things in the sky, mostly at night. Around China and India, he’s seen strange flashing lights moving and speeds and directions that can’t be explained. The most perplexing thing he has ever seen followed his A380 and almost seemed to be intelligently monitoring it. It followed them for hours before pulling strange 90 degree turns and shooting straight up into the atmosphere.

5. Damn the balloons, full speed ahead

I had a close call with a bouquet of balloons once. It was strange because we saw it from several miles off and were completely stumped as to what the hell it was until it passed right off our wing.

Also, something I haven’t seen but would be pretty awesome and is 100% real is St. Elmo’s Fire.

6. Full moon, well, LUNAtics

Passengers behaving weird, lights won’t come on in a timely manner, obnoxious drunk in first class…incidents usually happen during a full moon. My dad was a commercial pilot for years and he would always assume something would happen if there was a full moon that night. “It’s when the crazies come out.”

7. Windmills perhaps?

Flying over NE New Mexico late one night last summer, thousands of blinking lights on the ground. Google’d what is in that area but was never able to find anything. Flying two nights ago co-pilot and I were discussing the meteor shower. We each had stories of flying seeing meteors burn up in the atmosphere. Mine was off our side when it happened, but his he said was off the nose. He was convinced had they just a bit further ahead they would have been hit.

8. Beats me

Saw a Delta jet recently. How are those assholes still in business?

9. People say it was a cat, but that’s their theory

Not an airline pilot but about 8 months ago I was going spin training in a light aircraft. After a few spins I was happily getting into and out of them when about halfway through one I saw a white, long, thin piece of something seemingly come off the plane and spiral to the ground. It must have been 1-2 metres long or maybe further away than I thought and perhaps .25-.5 of a metre wide. Spinning away far too quickly for a bird.

I recovered as normal and asked my instructor what the hell that thing was. He’d seen it too and we both agreed it looked like an aileron or perhaps part of the gear. We couldn’t see anything missing from the plane though and decided to head back to base, informing the tower that we may be missing something but that we didn’t require emergency services.

We got back and I did the smoothest dan landing I may have ever done before hopping out, expecting to see a gaping hole somewhere. But we didn’t see a damn thing missing, not even a single bolt.

If it were colder I could have believed it was a large piece of ice of the wing or tail, or it could have been a helicopter but we were in a Mandatory Broadcast Zone and we didn’t hear any calls.

At least I’m not seeing things as my instructor saw it too (though not as clearly) but I’d definitely like to to know what the hell I saw because I can’t figure it out.

10. A goddamn rocket

I’m not a pilot for a commercial airline. I just have a piloting license and occasionally fly private planes.

One time, I was riding with my parents when I saw a little bleep on my radar. After a while, we were within eye distance of the bleep, but didn’t see anything. Then, out of nowhere, a see a little rocket fly right by next to me. I freaked out.

It must have been some science experiment or something, but seeing it in the sky, almost 15 feet from me, was pretty astonishing at the time.

11. Drug smuggling

Not airline but once i saw apparently a drug cartel plane flying below radar.

First, let me start by telling that Ecuador is near Colombia so drugs come here and then are sent to other countries and we’ve had drug cartel planes incidents.

I was flying with my instructor in the countryside, we were practicing emergency procedure, and we passed near some shrimp breeding place (camaronera) with a dirt road between two ponds,which i guess was the landing strip, warehouse and a small multi-engine plane outside. We got to our practice sector and found an army chopper over our place so we decided to go back and simulate landings over the dirt road. I was doing my first approach over the dirt road and noticed that the plane was gone and began looking around and found it flying at aprox. 300ft really low, my instructor called air control asking for traffic information around the place and they said that nobody was near us so we reported the plane and began to follow it like 10 minutes until it got away. During that time period we kept asking air control for traffic info and they kept telling us that nobody was near us. Im not completely sure it was drug but that landing strip its not on the maps and it was probably avoiding radar detection.

12. Weird

The plane was about 20 minutes outside of Roswell flying from GA to CA. I saw an extremely dark and odd shaped cloud. It was in the shape of a “V” and completely stationary, with points on all the ends instead of the regular flowing, fluffy shape you’d expect from a cloud. It looked like the dark smoke you get when something toxic is thrown on a fire, but wasn’t completely opaque. I kept my eye on it the entire time expecting the wind to blow it away or disfigure it, but it never did. It sat in that exact spot at 30,000 feet until I lost sight of it.

13. “Backed up”

I was in training for en route air traffic control a few years ago. One of the controllers told me he had a PSR tag show up (no transponder). It stayed in the same spot for about 10 seconds then, in a single sweep, (the radar dish rotated 360 degrees) it reappeared over 100 miles west of where it was before. Nothing man made can accelerate like that. He reported it, was told it was a computer glitch, but then when he went to look up the footage later it had been deleted. They never delete the recordings, they’re all backed up, or that’s what we’d been told.

14. They misunderstood Carnival

I saw 30 clowns flying to Brazil.

15. Gotcha 🙂

After we had just reached our cruising altitude, my co-pilot pointed out a very bright object in the evening sky. Suddenly, the object flashed and became three balls of light which rotated quickly. These balls moved laterally in the sky, and seemed to be approaching our aircraft. As these objects came nearer, they began to leave smoky trails behind them, which seemed to be spelling out something. Before we knew it, there was a message displayed in the upper atmosphere. It simply read, “y’all got about tree fiddy?” It was at this point that my fellow airman and I realized that these balls looked eerily similar to a 500 ft tall Paleolithic sea creature.