15 Perfect Things You Did In College That You Still Do Now


1. Pulling An All-Nighter / Spending A Of Hours Lot On A Project That Probably Won’t Change Your Life All That Much

Bet you thought you were done with those, huh!

2. Suddenly Being Given A Project You Have To Execute In Frighteningly Little Time

Welp there goes Friday/Saturday night.

3. Dealing With Thirsty Bitches

Donktabulous! [HD]

They never go away.

4. Binge-Watching Watching Shows Instead Of Doing All The Stuff You’re Supposed To Be Doing

The fine art of procrastination is perfected over four years in college bars and dorm rooms across the country.

5. Having Passive Aggressive Roommates

They are completely cool with the fact that all the dishes are in the kitchen sink.

6. Interacting With People Who Want You To Understand That They Know Absolutely Everything

Heaven forbid they went to Bard and studied film.

7. Drinking During The Day!

Savann-No [HD]

Wait when is it too early to start???

8. Eating Stuff For Dinner That’s Not Actually Dinner / Has No Nutritional Value

Too lazy to cook anything and no money to order take out, but you do have a whole box of popcorn and some wine in fridge. Dinner it is!

9. Going Dancing With Your BFFs

Would be even funner if you all still lived on the same floor!

10. Seeing Someone Cute And Having NO CLUE How To Approach Them

11. Trying To Keep It Together All Those Times When You Are Basically Falling Apart

You can do it.

12. Living On A Painfully Tight Budget / Holding On To Your Student Discount For As Long As Possible

No money? Time to take all those quarters, dimes and pennies you’ve been collecting to the local Coin Star!

13. Dealing With A Superior Who Really Needs To Just Chill Out

Have several seats.

14. Taking Naps During The Day Where Possible

Sometimes you need a nice pick-me-up!

15. Having Sex With Someone And They Are Really Freaking Weird In Bed

Ugh gotta go bye.

image – Shutterstock