15 Quirky Signs You’re Probably An Empath


1. People make fun of you for being ‘too sensitive

You’re probably the person in your friend group that everyone makes fun of for crying all the time. But it’s not like you cry over spilt milk or anything — you just feel emotions very deeply, even other people’s. If your friend starts telling you about something incredibly difficult they went through, chances are you’ll be the one who starts tearing up.

2. You rewatch scenes from movies and TV shows over (and over) again

You’re that person who goes back and rewatches all the Jim and Pam moments from The Office and tends to save YouTube compilations of TV advertisements that made you bawl. You connect so strongly to other people’s emotions that you feel like you’re falling in love right along with your favorite characters — and having your heart broken with them, too.

3. You avoid crowds at all costs (even when you’re an extravert)

Even if you love big cities and spending all your time with your friend group, you can’t stand big crowds of people. You can get discombobulated when there’s too many things (and emotions) going on at once, and it can bring you a ton of stress and anxiety.

4. You start daydreaming in the middle of conversations

Yep, you’re that person. One second you’ll be listening to your friend detail her day at work and the next you’ll be thinking about what someone said to you earlier and trying to decipher its meaning. People often go to empaths when they need to talk about something, and empaths are usually great listeners, but they’re not good at listening to a bunch of small talk. If something is particularly boring or completely disconnected from emotion, they tend to drift off into their own little world.

5. You always get pulled into other people’s drama

You’re probably the dumping ground for a lot of problems, even those that belong to people you don’t know well. People are pulled toward you, maybe because they can tell you actually listen and genuinely care. And since you can’t help but want to help, you might find yourself getting pulled into a lot of drama you’re not actually connected to.

6. You can tell something’s wrong before anyone tells you anything

You’re not really sure how to explain it, but you just kind of know. You can feel the differences in people when they start acting off, even if they’re only corresponding with you through technology. You’re probably pretty good at catching people in lies.

7. You finish people’s sentences

When you get close enough to someone, you establish a strange, psychic-like connection with them. You seem to know what they’re going to say right as they’re saying it, to the point where people might feel like you’re reading their minds (or their diaries).

8. You treat animals like family members

Your dog is NOT a pet, he’s your beautiful little baby. Empaths tend to connect deeply with animals, and they’re probably not going to be the people who tie their dogs up outside for hours on end without checking on them.

9. You’re a jumpy person

You’re incredibly sensitive to loud sounds or sudden movements, which may startle you easily. Because you’re so in tune with your perceptions, you’re probably pretty ticklish, too.

10. You’re not always great at holding down 9-to-5 jobs

Spending eight hours a day in a cubicle? No thanks. You get bored easily if you aren’t properly stimulated, and if you don’t find what you do for a living very interesting, you’re probably going to end up leaving your job sooner than expected. People might mistake your inability to work a job you hate as bad work ethic, but mostly you can’t deal with the fact that you feel like you’re living a lie.

11. You’ve got a bad case of wanderlust

Empaths love to travel and see the world. They’re free spirits at heart, and they’re always dreaming about the next adventure.

12. You’re a bit of a hoarder

It’s not that you like clutter (you probably hate it, honestly), but you have a hard time letting go of meaningful things. You have a knack for feeling energy, so if your loved one gives you a gift or something they used to own, you’ll have a harder time giving it up — after all, throwing away the item is also throwing away the feeling of being close to someone you love.

13. You might have a lingering feeling that you’re not alone (even when, technically, you are)

If you’ve ever been alone in a room but had the itching feeling that something else was there with you, you just might be an empath. It may mean you’re picking up the energy of someone who was there before (or even that you’re sensing ghosts or spirits). It may sound weird, but if you’re an empath, you totally know what I’m saying.

14. You’re always tired

Can’t seem to feel fully rested even when you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep? Empaths tend to feel drained easily, especially after spending time around others. Your own emotions are exhausting enough, but factoring in everyone else’s completely wipes you out.

15. You have a hard time letting go

It shouldn’t be surprising that when you make such deep connections with people, it’s incredibly hard to let go of them. Even when someone constantly drains your energy, you still feel a strong link to them that’s not always easy to break. Depending how close you got, you may still feel those connections years down the road, long after you cut all ties with the people they’re attached to.