15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Anyone Who Likes You Less Than You Like Them


1. You can’t convince yourself to ‘slow down’ your feelings in order match their level of care (which, quite frankly, is lacking).

2. You can try and you will fail miserably.

3. You will end up making your plans around them, in hopes they will ask to see you. Like not making plans on Tuesday nights because you saw them the past two of the four Tuesday’s.

4. This is a catch-22 because if they don’t want to see you, you’ve made yourself a fool, and if they do want to see you – you’re still a fool.

5. Every time they don’t want to see you because they have other plans (because, unlike you, they aren’t always available), you will spend the rest of the week pondering why you aren’t enough.

6. You will also spend the rest of your week reading into every interaction you have with them. Even a Linkedin page visit has some deeper meaning.

7. Your friends will begin avoiding you because you can’t stop asking open-ended questions like “What do you think this text means?”

8. You will flirt with people at the bar only because you know they’re doing it. People can sniff out insincerity though honey.

9. You will live under two conditions 1) Wanting to see them desperately 2) Seeing them finally, but only for a short period of time.

10. And repeat.

11. You will live in a very strange limbo of not being single but also being single. Without the perks of either.

12. Which then make the question so common among relatives ‘are you single?’ waaaaay more annoying to answer.

13. Even if it started out fun and easy, you will start to feel yourself become sad and dependent on their approval.

14. To summarize: If you don’t like them a causal amount, then casual will NOT work.

15. Last and most definitely not least, because, girl, you deserve better.

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