15 Reasons Why You’re Going To Share This List


1. You’ll totally get points for being ironically self-effacing.

2. It has been somewhere between half an hour and four days since your last status update, and you need to keep popping up in people’s news feeds.

3. You can’t bring yourself to care about the latest scandal/ebola outbreak/horrifying terrorist in the news. You might as well share some fluff.

4. It’s pretty meta. People like that now, right?

5. You learned something useful that your friends probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise: Bing is way better for finding porn than is Google.

6. You’ve noticed that specific, geeky things usually get a lot of likes. (Where my choral singers/redditors/grammar nerds at?)

7. Though only a few of the things on this list actually describe why you’ll share this list, it’s enough to get past the obvious, wordy, circuitous filler that makes you wonder how, exactly, the number 15 was chosen.

8. This list is smart but also accessible, and takes advantage of the relatively new, common experience of reading things because people shared them. Who could object to that?

9. Like many millennials, you feel that shared experiences are less common than they actually are, and therefore worthy of promotion on social media.

10. If you’re the sort of person who likes to add your own limited commentary when sharing articles, you can preface this link with OMG NUMBER 10.

11. You like to share opinions on the cusp of wide acceptance: Online dating is totally normal! But the data it generates proves that we’re all awful, awful people.

12. Somebody you hooked up with shared this.

13. Enough people have shared this that you won’t feel awkward doing the same.

14. At least some of your friends will find this as funny as you do.

15. Fuck it. Do it anyway.

featured image – Thought Catalog