15 Signs You And Your BFF Are Each Other’s Lobsters


“It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank holding claws.” –Phoebe Buffay, Friends

1. You support each other’s crazy ideas, even though you know it’s probably a bad idea. You’ll buy the odd earrings they’ve decided will be their life’s work, and you go with them to casually hang around their crush’s work, because you know it’s important to them.

2. The two of you tell the story of how you met as if you’re a married couple looking back on the greatest moment of your life.

3. You can recognize each other’s minute shifts in attitude. You sense when their energy level drops by the way they smile just a little bit less or when they’re getting irritated by the way their shoulders shift slightly.

4. Whenever something substantial happens in your life, the first person to know is always your best friend. The idea of telling anyone your big news before them never even crosses your mind.

5. In fact, whenever something completely inconsequential happens in your life, they’re still the first person you tell. The person in front of you in line at Trader Joes had a Muppets sweater on that you want with every fiber of your being? Your BFF knows about it before you’ve even finished unpacking the groceries.

6. Fights between the two of your never last too long, because you just end up missing each other so much that any issues you had just seem silly. Just make each other sit in a box for a day and call it even.

7. You get unreasonably excited when you find something that you KNOW your friend is going to love. Whether it’s a band, restaurant, or jacket, you can’t wait to meet up with them and show them your big find. You’re like a cat proudly presenting the bird you caught to your owner.

8. Yes, you’re okay describing your BFF as your owner. It’s mutual, and you both sort of love how dependant you are on one another.

9. When you think forward 50 years, there’s only one person that you know for a fact will be playing bridge on your front porch, and it’s your best friend.

10. You know every horrible thing the other person has done, and will know whenever they do anything in the future, because you both know that the other will listen without judgment.

11. You know each other’s moods and how to deal with each one. They’re sad about an ex? Stay in and watch Scrubs in your pajamas all night. They’re mad about an ex? Hit the gym, then settle in to watch Scrubs before going to sleep.

12. You push each other to do better. You’re both well aware of each other’s potential, and want to make sure that you’re both always working towards self-improvement.

13. You’ve caught yourselves just walking and holding hands.

14. Your nonverbal communication is on point. With one glance from across the room of a crowded party, you both know to extract yourselves from the party and meet outside in ten minutes.

15. You both have goals for the future, and about 80% of them include the other person, mostly because you created your bucket lists together, and because you know that any life achievements will be made that much more meaningful with your best friend by your side.

After all, they’re your lobster.