15 Signs You And Your Opposite-Sex BFF Are Liz Lemon And Jack Donaghy


You don’t know where you’d be at this point without your Liz Lemon or Jack Donaghy. Sure, they drive you insane and sometimes you want to punch them in the face. But without them, you would be in complete shambles. You’re not sure how or why it works, but thank God for your opposite-sex BFF.

1. You have a hard time resisting the urge to mock one another. 

2. You care a lot about each other, but comforting one another is not one of your specialities. 

3. There is no such thing as trying to act ladylike or gentlemanly in front of each other. 

4. A night of being forced to share the same bed would never be romantic. It would just look like this:

5. You’re not afraid to discuss your less-than-ideal qualities in front of one another. 

6. And you don’t bother hiding any of your bad habits. 

7. Nothing is ever sugarcoated between the two of you.

8. You’ve forgiven each other for any unfortunate-looking dance moves you’ve pulled while out on the town. But not before making fun of each other first. 

9. Although you two are very special to one another, the idea of kissing each other makes you want to vom a little bit. 

10. Instead, you’d rather hit them with the largest eyeroll they’ve ever seen, usually saved for when they’re being particularly obtuse.

11. They’re the first ones you call when you wake up with the feeling that you did something stupid the night before. 

12. If one of you ever feels uncomfortable talking about sex, the other one will never resist the opportunity to bring it up as much as possible.

13. The idea of one of you ever being sexual to or in front of the other just makes you both LOL.

14. There is never any hesitation when it comes to telling each other if something about your outfit or appearance is clearly not working. 

15. You have a special look saved for one another, that clearly says “Your life is a complete shitshow” without you even having to open your mouth.