15 Signs You Are Basically Phoebe Buffay


1. You’re not afraid to ask for what you want.

2. You’re a lover, not a fighter.

3. But that doesn’t mean you won’t lay down the law when necessary.

4. You 100% own and embrace your sexuality.

5. …Seriously.

6. You like to retain a bit of mystery. People can never quite figure you out.

7. You always know the perfect time to say something.

8. You’re comfortable being brutally honest.

9. And it’s often to remind others of what really matters in life.

10. You definitely like to loosen up every now and then.

11. And your moves are unparalleled.

12. You’ve been known to form emotional attachments to inanimate objects.

13. Your enthusiasm and zest for life are contagious.

14. You say what everyone else is thinking.

15. But above all else, you are always there for your friends.

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