15 Signs You & Your Friends Should Have A Reality Show


1. You & your friends have inside jokes and sayings that others want the scoop on, and even though they don’t fully understand their meaning they’ll attempt to use ‘em. There’s something about exclusivity that attracts people and makes them want to feel like part of your oh-so-hilarious private faction, so those gems would result in ratings galore.

2. You don’t mind repeating stories of gossip and drama over and over again in great detail. “So she was like ______ and he was all _______ so I was like _________!” is your go-to format. If you’re a master storyteller, you’ll thrive at reality TV when you give those confessional style interviews, recapping all of the noteworthy happenings.

3. You don’t typically come out and say that you & your group of friends should have a reality show. You might think it, but you don’t say it.

4. People who aren’t you or your friends tell you that your group should have a reality show. We all think we’re worthy of a weekly hour on VH1, and we’re probably right about that, but saying others would watch you and being told by others that they’d watch you are entirely different things.

5. Some of your group’s members have dated, are currently dating, or are inevitably headed towards being romantically involved. Couples = drama, so while it could be detrimental to the longevity of friendships; it’ll be a spectacle every single time they butt heads.

6. Everything is a game or a bet or some type of ridiculousness. Mundane hangouts are made extraordinary by some type of drinking competition or wager that raises the stakes to more intense proportions.

7. At least one of you has catchphrases and gestures that would have tons of potential to catch on and become viral things if the masses saw/heard them. Imagine all the t-shirts with aforementioned motto on ’em that’d be sold and the Twitter trending topics you could be responsible for.

8. Video posts of your social adventures always crush* it on social media. People like it, people comment on it requesting more — you’ve got spunk & pizzazz for days.

*Crushing it, by my social media standards is 20+ likes on Facebook – yourselves not included.

9. All of your friends fluently speak sarcasm, which results in large amounts of banter and entertaining battles of wits.

10. Y’all are fine with having conversations on speakerphone, which is essentially a must in the reality TV world, but a widely hated taboo in daily, public life.

11. Pranks are a regular occurrence. Not only are they a great deal of fun to plan and execute, but people love to watch them. For the sake of your show’s ratings, these shenanigans would only be beneficial.

12. Your conversations in public are interrupted and intruded on by uninvited guests who chime in and want to participate because the topics of discussion are just that stimulating. Also, your laughter & animated body language are welcoming and magnetizing.

13. You’re all roommates who are accustomed to spending hours upon end in each other’s presence, which at any given time can be an incredible blast, unbearably obnoxious or anywhere in between.

14. Even if you’re not roommates, everyone always finds their way to one particular person’s place, which is the unofficial official hangout spot where hijinks ensue and the group often stays for an extended stretches of time.

15. The starring cast doesn’t change every few months. You’re part of a loyal clique whose members are basically etched in stone, and it would take a hell of a personality to earn a long-term part. Guest appearances? Sure, those happen, but other folks’ names aren’t in the opening credits.