15 Signs Your Life Should Be A 90s TV Sitcom


1. You and your friends always hangout at the same places. You’re either at that one coffee shop, that one bar, or your apartment, and you’re there so frequently that you basically have your own seating arrangements.

2. One of your roommates has an unconventional pet…that should be in a zoo, farm, or circus and not in your apartment. A duck, pig, chicken, giant lizard, whatever pet your roommate has developed a weird attachment to, you just accept it.

3. You have to end your stories with ‘No seriously, I’m not kidding.’ People either think you’re exaggerating or kidding when you tell them what you did last weekend.

4. You wish you could document everything your friend says because it is unbelievably ridiculous. You can’t believe half of the things that come out of their mouth.

5. You often say to yourself, ‘Wow, that would make a great episode on (insert TV sitcom here),’ about things that happen to you. The other weekend when you were locked out of your apartment and had to climb up a broken fire escape to knock on the neighbor’s door (who you’ve never spoken to before), you just kept thinking I feel like I’ve seen this happen on an episode of Friends or Seinfeld.

6. You have an on again-off again relationship with a significant other.“We were ON A BREAK!”  You two are hugs and kisses one minute then eye rolls and crossed arms the next. It’s exhausting for you, but it provides the rest of your friend group with constant entertainment.

7. Your breakups are always heated and never mutual. You don’t end relationships quietly or peacefully. Someone is yelling or crying or being mad.

8. You have an ex who you’re still very close to. While your breakups are often less than soothing, somehow your ex seems to remain in your life, and although you hate to admit it, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

9. One of your friends has OCD and a Type A personality. You know they’re tendencies are absolutely insane, but you accept them and enjoy them. It’s not the end of the world when you have to use a coaster, and their apartment is always clean, which is refreshing.

10. Your parents crack other people up, but embarrass you terribly. You never understand how other people find them funny. When they show your naked baby pictures to your new significant other you’re not laughing, you just want to disappear.

11. You have a crazy sibling who is literally your opposite. You two could not be any more different, but somehow it makes for perfect chemistry.

12. You’re often in dangerous situations, but somehow never truly experience danger. You’ve just nearly gotten into a fight in public places more times than you can count, but you’ve never actually fought. Trouble is your shadow, it follows you around, but it never comes to light.

13. Technology always fails you. Your car breaks down, your cell phone never works, you send personal emails to the wrong person (like your boss). Technology is not your friend, and it always seems to make your life more difficult than convenient.

14. You have miscommunications with people often. Somehow human resources misunderstood you and thinks your boss is trying to “steal your unborn baby.”

15. You look back at half of your life asking, ‘Did that really happen?’ Some of your life feels like one big joke, but it’s been quite the interesting adventure.