15 Signs You’re A Softie On The Outside, But Strong As Hell Inside


1. Sure, you cry your eyes out at movie theaters, Adele performances, and that one sappy gum commercial with the couple (it’s goddamn beautiful, okay???), but when serious tragedies arise in real life, you figure it out. You don’t run away from the pain.

2. You have NO idea how to act Chill or Cool.

3. But you don’t really feel the need to try.

4. Even though you get ~*~emotional~*~ easily, you know how to not take things personally. Because there’s a huge difference between the two.

5. People have a tendency to talk to you about things they aren’t usually comfortable telling others, knowing you’re going to listen and won’t be scared off by something intense.

6. You dislike being involved in confrontation, but never stand down when it comes to protecting your friends and family.

7. You love loudly and unapologetically. There is never any second-guessing when it comes to how you feel about someone.

8. For the most part, you don’t let negativity drown you. You’ve learned how and when to filter out toxicity.

9. People assume because you don’t have a tough exterior, you don’t know how to protect yourself. Wrong. You absolutely do. But your first instinct isn’t to put up walls. Your first instinct is to trust people.

10. And frankly, you’d rather give people second chances. You’d rather believe in the good, even if it means there’s a chance of being wrong. You’re willing to take the risk.

11. You honor your heart by listening to it. By giving it a chance to be bruised. That’s how we strengthen our muscles.

12. Because you’re so verbally open, you’re often the butt of jokes within your group of friends. Though it’s all in good fun, because you are so often the one teased, it means it takes a lot to sincerely hurt your feelings.

14. Seriously, you might seem like a dainty poodle, but you’re actually a lion, or a thoughtful shark, or something else super badass.

15. You get intensely and personally invested in fictional TV characters and are crushed when you must say goodbye…BUT YOU SURVIVE BECAUSE YOU ARE A WARRIOR. Stay strong at those finales, you’ve got this.