15 Signs You’re Definitely Your Mom’s Favorite Child


1. She asks you for advice.

2. Your name or birthday is her password for at least one email account, and you know this, because you know her password for at least one email account.

3. She says that in the future, she is going to move wherever you end up with your family, and totally disregards that your siblings could be somewhere else.

4. She hangs out with you the most like a friend.

5. When you’re home, she rarely asks you to do anything chore-wise, you’re too busy sitting on the side of her bed and talking for 4 hours at a time.

6. She’s almost always one of the top 3 names on your iMessages.

7. You’re the center of conversation when you get home, and you know this because your siblings always point out that you’re always the center of conversation whenever you’re there.

8. You have long talks in the car because as soon as you’re alone, you just spill everything that’s going on.

9. She overshares to the extent that you have to stop and say “ugh, ew, mom I did not want to know that.”

10. She has the most selfies of you saved on her phone.

11. She complains about your siblings to you, or says they just don’t “get her” like you do.

12. She asks for your input on major family decisions, and probably takes your opinion more seriously than she does her partner’s.

13. She texts your friends (or at least thinks she’s actually friends with them).

14. You’re the most alike, and you know this because she always tells you that you were just like she was when she was your age.

15. She tells you under her breath now and again that you are, indeed the favorite child – but not to say anything to your siblings about it. (Like you – and they – didn’t already know.)