15 Signs You’re Genuinely In Love With Your Job


1. You think about it during the day and dream about it at night. You’re always thinking about it one way or another; how you can make it better or how you can improve. You have dreams about work and you’re constantly thinking of what you should do next and how you can be the best.

2. You check your emails like you check your text messages. You get excited about new email notifications and you’re just as excited to answer them. Your emails make you smile.

3. You can’t wait till the next morning. You can’t wait till you wake up and start working again. You wake up with a smile on your face because you will officially spend the next 8 hours working.

4. You miss it when you’re on vacation. You can’t completely disconnect from it. You want to always remain connected somehow. You still check your emails and maybe even do some work because it’s just been too long.

5. You over deliver. You do more than what’s expected of you, you work over time and you don’t mind spending your weekends working. Going the extra mile becomes the way you work rather than a chore.

6. You don’t complain when you get more work. The more the merrier for you. You actually want to give it more – if not all you’ve got.

7. You get upset when things aren’t good enough. If your work doesn’t live up to your standards, it can be really disappointing. You always want to make it better than it is. You always want to make it the best.

8. You talk about it with your friends or your significant other. You’re always talking about your work, how it inspires you, how happy it makes you, how grateful you are for it and how passionate you are about it. You tell them how lucky you are to have finally found it.

9. You are also slightly obsessed with it. You read the latest updates in your field, you track what the competition is up to, you are always trying to find exclusive information that no one knew about. You are definitely up to speed on what’s happening in your field.

10. You never get ‘Sunday blues.’ Sundays are awesome! Sunday nights mean reflecting on the upcoming week and thinking of all the exciting things you have prepared to work on.

11. You hardly look at the clock. You don’t count down the minutes or the seconds to go home or finish your work – you actually lose track of time and you feel like the time went by so quickly. You’re busy and challenged in a good way.

12. You’re proud of it. You brag about it and you want to show it off. You want people to ask you what you do for a living so you can flaunt your great job and how your work makes you a better person.

13. You take feedback seriously. You want to know what people think of your work and how you can be better at it. You always want to listen to what others have to say and you do whatever it takes to make sure that people are satisfied with your work.

14. You want to network with the influencers in your field. You want to talk to the experts and have lunch with them. You want to learn from people who made things happen or you may even be looking for a mentor. You are always inspired by people in your field and you want to reach out to them.

15. You feel blessed. You feel blessed to have that kind of work in your life. It keeps you going during tough times and it eases your loneliness. You can see yourself investing in it for years and years to come or maybe forever. You think you’ve finally found the one and you vow to take care good care of it, make it last and make it better.