15 Signs You’re Secretly A Romantic At Heart


1. You rarely admit when you like a romantic movie. At best, you’ll say the movie was “Pretty good, but kind of cheesy.”

2. …. But you would actually not mind watching it again. Like, at all. OK FINE, YOU LOVED IT.

3. When that super cute song comes on the radio, you roll your eyes 100% of the time, but do you know all the words? Yes. Do you sometimes listen to it in your spare time? ……..yes. But don’t tell anyone.

4. You’re the first to jump on the Valentine’s-Day-Is-A-Made-Up-Holiday-Invented-By-Hallmark train, but deep down, you would be overjoyed to have a secret admirer.

5. Speaking of secret admirers, you’ve probably been one before. However, you chose to be a secret admirer because you didn’t want people to know about your romantic side, not because you were scared of letting the other person know how you felt.

6. When you do pull out all the stops and plan a romantic evening, you always downplay the amount of effort involved.

What you say: Ohh no, it was nothing. I found the candles in a box in the closet, and the meal looks way fancier than it actually is. Really, this whole evening took maybe an hour to put together. Really spur of the moment.

What you actually mean: I went to three stores to find these particular candles, and I’ve been planning this meal for a week. The whole process took forever, and I loved every second of it.

7. Whenever someone busts you for being a romantic, you get so defensive that a bystander would think someone just revealed you’re the Zodiac Killer. OMG SHUT UP. I AM NOT. IF YOU TELL ANYONE, I’LL KILL YOU.

8. Your heart melts every time you see two senior citizens walking hand in hand, and you know what? You’re not even embarrassed about that, because if you don’t find that unbelievably romantic, then you’re probably at least half-monster.

9. If someone asks you about your dream wedding ceremony, you’ll say you haven’t really thought about it. You know, maybe just a small thing with close family and friends. But actually? You have it all meticulously planned out in your head.

10. You’ve written super cheesy poetry that you destroyed with fire immediately after penning, because if anyone found it, you would melt into a puddle of mortification that would require decades of therapy.

11. When you were little, you refused to admit if you had a crush on anyone, to the point where it usually backfired and your crush thought you hated their guts.

12. Meanwhile, you had Helga Pataki-level shrines at home that only you knew about.

13. You actually love hearing stories of how people met, even though on the outside, your face reads more as “Eh, sure. It wouldn’t kill me to listen to this story again.”

14. You’re always giving your close friends ideas for cute dates, because sure it’s not your style, but someone should enjoy the hard-to-find-but-perfect-for-a-secluded-picnic spot you found last week!

15. You fall hard for really small romantic gestures, rather than big spectacles, because you can get a really healthy dose of romance, while still hiding your romantic side from the rest of the world.