15 Small Changes That Leave A Big Impact In Your Life


1. Stop scowling so much. Try smiling more instead. Compliments and smiles improve your mood and generally create a positive atmosphere. It’s also great at reinforcing friendships and relationships!

2. Don’t like someone? Well, remember that everyone matters. Don’t disregard someone’s opinion because you don’t like them. They might have a great point and you may miss out on something important if you dismiss them. Their opinion matters, just like yours. Remember that!

3. We often focus on problems and that leads to a poor attitude towards life. Counting your blessings and not your problems is a great way to be positive. Do this often and cherish what you have.

4. Do you feel frustrated because nothing seems to be working? Make a small reminder about your dreams and goals. When the going gets tough, it’ll be motivating and inspire you to pursue them.

5. When you feel overwhelmed, try doing smaller tasks first. Chipping away in small increments is better than doing nothing — and once you get the ball rolling, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep going.

6. If you feel restless in bed, try rubbing a tiny bit of lavender oil on your pillow. It’s soothing and it’ll lull you to sleep.

7. If someone you know looks like they’re having a bad day, offer them a hug. Hugs are actually stress-relievers and sometimes it’s a friendly physical contact that might give them a pick-me-up.

8. Starting a short checklist before you leave the house helps you get out faster and on time. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Briefcase? Check. Breakfast? Check. Keys? Check. Sanity? Check!

9. Put your extra change into a jar (or piggy bank). I’ve done this with dollar bills (saved them in a small box) and you’d be surprised at how much you save at the end of the year. (Mine was $681, can you beat that?)

10. Laughing at least twice a day helps relieve stress! Laughter is great — it released endorphins, and best of all, it’s contagious!

11. Gratitude and humility go a long way. It might feel awkward when you start, but once you start, people will start looking at you in a whole new (positive) light!

12. Going to bed early and waking up early (or going to bed late and waking up late) is a good habit to have. A sleep schedule is vital to your health!

13. Talking to someone, whether it be your co-worker, significant other, stranger, friend, foe, is important. The average adult today speaks about than 16,000 words a day. To reinforce community, we should start talking more IRL than on the internet. After all, it’s hard to tell sarcasm online.

14. Eat lunch under the sun. You’ll get vitamin D, which is crucial for the health of our intestines. Eating lunch under the sun with friends means a good time (usually). Just watch out for the time!

15. Just try it — whatever “it” might be. If you feel like you can’t write 500 words, try writing just one sentence. Or if you’ve set a goal of 20 push-ups and you think you can’t do it, aim for just one. You’d be surprised how far you get!