15 Songs To Cure Your Hangover (And One That Won’t)


When you’re hungover, there’s a good chance that all you want is a little peace and quiet. Think again – music can actually ease the pain of a hard night’s work. Whether you’re looking to wallow in self-pity over the previous night’s poor choices, get psyched up for a tough day at work, or cut the awkward silence with whomever woke up next to you, here are some tunes to help your morning after.

1. Best Coast – The Only Place

The strident sunniness and one-track-mind lyrics of Bethany Cosentino can be overbearing at times, but they’re a surprisingly welcome pick-me-up when recovering from one too many cervezas (trust me).

2. Gorillaz – Last Living Souls

2D from Gorillaz, with his droopy eyes, perpetually messy hair, and the crooning voice of Damon Albarn, is practically the hangover mascot. This short jam about surviving the apocalypse should strike a chord after the craziness that was your weekend.

3. Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Jason Pierce of Spiritualized has been through some fucked up shit – taking a lot of drugs, pneumonia, chemotherapy. Take comfort in the fact that somewhere right now, someone probably has a much worse hangover than you do.

4. Outkast – So Fresh, So Clean

Showering is an integral step to the recovery process, and this is the ultimate showering anthem. (Yes, I realize it’s not actually about showers.)

5. Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love

Just go back to sleep.

6. My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When

A song that sounds as woozy as you feel.

7. The Velvet Underground – Candy Says

You could actually just play the entire self-titled Velvet Underground album to soundtrack your recuperation. Their soothing, druggy rock has a hungover haze so palpable you could reach out and touch it… if that didn’t mean getting out of bed.

8. Massive Attack – Black Milk


Massive Attack’s production coupled with vocals from Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins fame) is the aural equivalent of taking a dip in an icy-cool swimming pool.

9. Gayngs – The Gaudy Side of Town

The tempo for every song on this record clocks in at 69 beats per minute – the perfect speed for groggy Sundays, turns out.

10. Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop


Turn to Lindsey Buckingham when a hard dose of bitter, in-your-face positivity is the only thing keeping you from giving up entirely. “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow…”

11. Junior Murvin – Police And Thieves

The subject matter of cops and guns isn’t exactly easy-going, but if these humid grooves from the late Junior Murvin don’t bring you positive vibes, nothing will.

12. The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work

Definitely for moping.

13. David Bowie – “Heroes”


The triumphant anthem from Bowie and Brian Eno could inspire you to seize the day (if Robert Fripp’s incessant guitar tone doesn’t drive you batty first).

14. Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me

Back to bed/moping.

15. Girls – Alex

This wandering love song is persistent and upbeat without being overbearing, which, in conjunction with Gatorade, could really turn your day around.

16. Taio Cruz – Hangover

Despite its namesake, this bombastic amalgamation of destroyed club sounds is actually the last thing I would ever want to hear while hungover. And you probably don’t want to be taking advice from Mr. Cruz when he’s singing, “I can drink until I throw up / And I don’t ever ever want to grow up / I wanna keep it going, keep keep, keep it going, going, going, going…”