15 Struggles Only People Who Suck At Budgeting Understand


1. You convince yourself buying a lot of things on sale makes financial sense. I mean, sure, you probably didn’t need 6 candles for the price of 4, but you’re like a moth to a flame. And that big bold lettering shouting “REDUCED PRICE” is your damn flame.

2. You’re always offering to buy your friends drinks or pick up the tab for brunch because it makes you feel good! You like to take care of people. Especially if you know they aren’t in a great place monetarily. That is until your credit card bill comes and you remember, oh yeah. Neither are you.

3. You are incapable of going to the grocery store without a detailed list. Because if you do, you will buy a weird brand of beer because the label was cute. Or come home with a whole lifetime supply of fruit snacks because you felt suddenly nostalgic.

4. You held out on getting a credit card as long as you could because you were straight up afraid. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? scared.

5. Having any sort of detailed financial talk gives you serious anxiety. Mostly because you don’t want everyone to know how totally inept you are. You avoid ever going into the bank and interacting with them face-to-face because you’re just SURE they will know how much you suck.

6. Online shopping is the greatest and worst thing in the world. You have to hide your wallet from yourself on nights you indulge in alcohol. Otherwise you’ll get mysterious packages from Sweden or Etsy or Some Company You Have Never Heard Of Before (or that you remember).

7. When you save a little bit of money, you feel so excited and proud. You want to yell from the rooftops! “I did it! Yay! Soooo I deserve to spend some of it, yeah?”

8. You can rationalize even the most ridiculous reasons to buy something. Anything.

9. You have to take a deep breath before checking your bank account. In fact, you really prefer to just not…

10. You tell people you’re rich. You know, rich in experience.

11. You are incredibly envious of naturally frugal people. How do they just, calculate things? How do they not immediately spend their paycheck? ARE THESE PEOPLE ANGELS?

12. Math was not your strong suit in school. The fact that people actually MAJOR in it? Mind-blowing.

13. You closely identify with Peter Pan.

14. You are horrible at haggling or negotiating. “It’s fine, ok! Yeah! I’ll take it.” Meanwhile your friend rushes in and knocks $20 off the price. Um, HOW?

15. Your motto is: “Do this now. Eat popcorn for dinner later.”