15 Subtly Sexy Things Guys Can Only Do In Fall


There are a lot of objective reasons why fall is the best season of all (and yes, I am a 20-something white woman who lives in New York saying this, but that doesn’t make it any less true). After all, this is the season with hot, alcoholic cider, sweaters with riding boots, the sweet chaos of Halloween, and crunchy fallen leaves marking your every step. But fall is also undeniably the season where guys are at their hottest, and for so many beautiful reasons. There are many sexy (but not over-the-top) things that guys can only do in autumn, and these are the biggest ones.

1. Make your hot drink of choice in the morning. Yes, it’s always nice to have someone bring you a little coffee or tea, but nothing can compare to the feeling of having a guy make you your morning drink while leaves are rustling outside and you get to stay under the comforter you just took out of storage.

2. Read/work in a coffee shop in a hot fall outfit. Most seasons, the Dude In The Coffee Shop is kind of exhausting, but put him in some knits and turn down the temperature outside a cool 20 degrees, and all of a sudden he’s sexy and mysterious. It’s that grown-up back-to-school vibe. And speaking of which,

3. Wear a college sweater. What is it with guys in college sweaters? They don’t even have to be current students, it’s just the perfect fall look.

4. Drape their jacket over your shoulders. In winter, it is way too cold to pull the dainty, over-the-shoulder jacket crap. And in summer, who the hell is wearing a jacket in the first place? But during the first chill of fall, conditions are ripe for wearing a guy’s jacket over your shoulders, and having him remain perfectly toasty in just his sweater. It’s a magical, seasonal moment.

5. Drink red wine. Nothing like grabbing drinks in fall and enjoying the rich sexiness of a glass (or two) of red wine at an intimate little bar table or even a terrace. Rosé and cocktails are great in the summer months, but there’s something undeniably sultry about enjoying some red wine for two, ideally with crusty bread/cheese/meat.

6. Wear a shawl-collar sweater. It’s the ultimate Hot Dad Vibe sweater, and oddly gives off the same effect as a suit, only in cozy sweater form.

7. Pick sexy his and hers Halloween costumes. Sure, it’s always fun to go as things like a plug and an outlet, or Teletubbies, or other unsexy, foam-based things. But it’s also nice to go in costumes that both of you are even more attracted to than normal. No reason not to use the excuse of the holiday to go as Roger and Joan, or Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

8. Draw you a warm bath. The absolute hottest thing a guy could do on an evening when you’re staying home while he goes out is draw you a hot bath with some nice candles around the tub so you can relax while he’s gone. A guy that knows his way around bath salts (and remembers to give the tub a cleaning before he fills it) is a true autumn keeper.

9. Decorate for Halloween with you. Why is there something so sexy and wonderful about setting up decorations with your guy? Last year, my boyfriend I each carved a little wonky pumpkin for our apartment and lit candles in them, and it is to this day one of my favorite memories – it’s simple, hands-on, and both childish and mature at the same time.

10. Sit side-by-side with you at a bistro table. The in-front-of-the-restaurant little bistro tables that demand couples sit side-by-side are the perfect fall date spot. In summer, it’s weird and sweaty to sit that close to each other, and in winter, it’s way too fuckin cold to be out there. In fall, though, people-watching with a cappuccino or hot toddy in hand is an ideal way to spend a weekend afternoon.

11. Go to a fall farmer’s market. Browse the baked goods while your lady browses your goods.

12. Make some comfort food. Look, I know that a lot of guys are allergic to the idea of preparing things in the kitchen, but the utter sexiness of a guy who can whip up a good meal is so underrated. And no moment is better than the first really cool moments of fall, when we’ve been deprived of hot, slow-cooked comfort food for months on end. All you need is a crock pot and you can put something perfect for a dinner night at home with minimal effort.

13. Put up string lights over your bed. Nothing makes fall more romantic, or bedtime more sexy, than having soft string lights over/on the head of your board.

14. Grow an autumn beard. Some people might be into a year-round beard, but honestly to me that just seems like a recipe for face sweat in the summer months. The elusive autumn beard, though, is basically like a scarf for your face. It may not be my thing totally, but I definitely recognize its seasonal hotness.

15. Spend the entire day curled up under a blanket on the couch watching movies/binging on TV. Okay, yeah, this is pretty sexy year-round, but it’s never more so than when the leaves are falling and it’s starting to get nippy outside. When you’re in love, there’s nothing better than a quiet weekend day spent not leaving the comfort of your couch, and autumn is the season that turns the thermostat down to bring us all closer together. Enjoy it.