15 Surefire Ways To Live A Miserable Life


Getting everything you want in life may seem like a daunting task, and giving you a list of things to do may not be of much help to you if you aren’t willing to take the initiative to do them. So today, I am going to present an alternative method to getting what you want — inverse logic. Instead of trying to pinpoint all of the things that will make you happy, just think about all of the things that will make you unhappy, and simply avoid doing those things. If you are currently doing anything on this list, carefully consider how and why it might be contributing to lack of success and misery (and stop doing it, immediately). With that said, here are the sure fire techniques to live a miserable life:

1. Be envious.­ I put this at the top because it is the most time tested proven method for being totally unhappy. Instead of focusing on yourself and what you need to do, spend all of your time tearing down people that are more successful than you. Use that energy that could contribute to your success, and waste it on worrying about what other people are doing. Be a hater, most unsuccessful people are haters.

2. Make excuses. Instead of realizing that you are the common denominator in all of your problems, simply blame everything and everyone else for your problems. Even though deep down you know that you could be working harder, just pretend that it’s everyone else’s fault that things aren’t working out.

3. Be unreliable. When you make commitments, don’t follow through with them. Don’t be a person of his or her word. When its time to rise to the occasion, fold.

4. Refuse to change.  Do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. This is the definition of insanity.

5. Don’t learn anything new. Do not pick up a book for the rest of your life and acquire no new skills. Become obsolete by paying no attention to current affairs.

6. When you get knocked down, don’t get back up. When you face a little adversity, get a tummy ache and resign your life to and stand still. If you fail once, never try again. Learn everything on your own ­ Use a pure trial and error approach with every aspect of your life.

7. Do not observe other people’s mistakes. Make the same mistakes as those who came before you. Fail to realize that history repeats itself.

8. Worry about what other people think. Let other people’s fears and limitations be imposed upon you. Suffocate in the opinions of others and drown in their sea of negativity.

9. Surround yourself with losers. Give your back stabbing friends unlimited chances. Refuse to cut bad influences out of your life. Surround yourself with unsuccessful people.

10. Get drunk and high all of the time. ­Keep your mind out of its equilibrium. Waste your time getting hammered so that the successful people can work twice as hard during that same time span and blow right by you.

11. Be unhealthy. Eat junk food and sit on the couch and watch TV for hours. Ruin your physical health so that you can ruin your mental health. Smoke cigarettes, eat fatty foods, and die ahead of schedule.

12. Spend all of your money. Don’t save a penny. Have no contingency plans so that when something unexpected occurs, you are completely blind sided.

13. Give up right before you are going to make it. Lack persistence and do not follow through with anything. Quit right before you are about to prosper.

14. Become a jack of all trades. Instead of picking a specific industry and refining your skills until mastery is reached, bounce around from thing to thing. Have no specialized skills.

15. If everyone else is jumping off a bridge, jump with them. Follow the crowd. Let mass media sway you in its chosen direction with ease. Do not challenge conventional wisdom. Assume that just because a lot of people agree on something that it is the absolute truth. Listen to authority figures simply because they are in charge. Do not investigate your own mind, and never challenge your own assumptions. Have no curiosity towards life and live it blindly.