15 Things Every 20-Something Needs To Stop Worrying About (Because It’s Honestly Not Worth Your Time)


1. What you can’t control

You can’t control how he or she feels about you. You can’t control your past. You can’t control the mistakes you already made. So please do yourself a favor and quit fretting over the things you will never be able to change.

2. Your ex(es).

Why worry about someone that is long gone? They are your ex for a reason. There’s no use worrying about if he or she hates you or still loves you. You probably won’t ever see them again, so why waste your time thinking about them?

3. Your former friends.

You stopped being friends with them for a reason. Stop worrying about if they are talking bad about you behind your back, or if they are casting spells on you, trying to ruin your life. Focus on the friends that you do have, not the ones that made your life toxic.

4. What everyone else your age is doing.

When will the comparing yourself to others stop? There is no room for jealousy or envy in your heart, and nothing good comes from those emotions. You are the only you in the world, and you shouldn’t feel like less of a person just because someone your age is making more money or is more successful.

5. Instagram likes.

Unless you are trying to start a business with your Instagram account, stop fretting over getting a decent amount of likes. Likes should never EVER define how you see yourself.

6. How you look in that picture or those pictures.

First of all, no one sees the flaws that you see and second of all, people really don’t care. Everyone is focusing far too much on how they look and how they seem, they don’t  have time to focus on you.

7. Your career in five years.

It’s important to have a great worth ethic, and to keep working for what you want, but it’s a waste of time to try to plan your whole life out. It’s impossible to do, and will only result in disappointment. For now, just do your best today and the rest will follow.

8. How much you weigh.

It’s a number, not a jail sentence. A number should never ever impact how you see yourself and how you love yourself. Focus on being healthy, on giving your body the ingredients it needs to be sturdy. Focus on health, not on a number on a scale.

9. The next diet fad.

Diet fads come up so often in conversation and in magazines, because it’s temporary. Diets are not a permanent solution to your unhappiness or low self esteem. And they probably aren’t good for your overall health as well! Stay clear of them and eat everything in moderation instead of starving your body from what it truly needs.

10. Whether or not he or she hates you.

Life’s too short to worry about who dislikes you in this world. You will never be loved by everyone, so stop trying to please every person in your life. Instead, make yourself happy. Make yourself proud.

11. Your future partner.

Your future partner will come when the timing is right. They could walk into your life tomorrow, so stop fretting over it, okay?

12. Tomorrow.

I know what you’re thinking. Tomorrow this and tomorrow that. Stop! Focus on the now, and on the present moment. For all you know, tomorrow may not come, so don’t waste your time fretting about it.

13. Who is getting married and having kids.

You are young. You have your whole life to get married and to have as many kids as you want. Just because some girl from your friend’s work seems like she has it all together, doesn’t mean that you don’t. And just because some other girl got engaged and is getting married this year, doesn’t mean that you never will.

14. Your first love.

They are long long long long gone. Why tattoo them on your brain? Why worry about where they are and who they are now and what they are up to? Worry about yourself for once!

15. What your friends think about ‘blank’.

If your friends are judging you on who you like, or what music you like, or what you do as a career, you should probably reconsider their friendships with you. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you are happy with your decisions. It doesn’t matter what your friends think about this or think a bout that. Everyone has an opinion. But for your life, yours should be the only one that counts.