15 Things Social Media Has Taught Me About People


1. People really really like other people to know what they are eating.

2. A lot of people have a LOT of time on their hands. (Why are people always claiming to be busy?)

3. Orwell was right — “All issues are political issues.”

4. A lot of people have no idea what they’re talking about… a lot of the time.

5. Like “real life culture,” internet culture is dynamic. People create and re-create it.

6. We are all voyeurs and stalkers in some shape or form.

7. People always imagine their past as better than it probably was.

8. Most people are in need of more inspiration in their lives.

9. Popular culture is either extremely easy or extremely difficult to keep up with.

10. A lot of people in their adulthood are still seeking validation from the “cool kids.”

11. People really are bad at listening.

12. Behind a computer, man can transform to beast.

13. Anything and everything can be offensive.

14. Perception is not everything, but it’s something and a BIG something it is.

15. People, fundamentally just really want to connect with other people, even if that connection is superficial. They want to feel something.

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