15 Things That Happen When You Were Raised By A Fearless Mother


1. You are prone to making rash decisions about literally everything.

2. You learn how to passionately communicate every last word with good intentions.

3. You are inadvertently exposed to the way someone walks in their worth.

4. You learn how to lean into the discomforts of life with pure optimism.

5. You say what everyone else is thinking.

6. You go out on limbs and you find freedom in accepting that failure is inevitable.

7. You live by the motto, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all”, because you’ve been hearing that phrase since you were in the womb.

8. You are an expert at taking care of your spirit.

9. You know that the best things only come from spontaneous decisions.

10. You believe that home is wherever you feel bliss.

11. You have thoughts on everything and wear them without insecurity.

12. You genuinely know there is room for improvement in every thing you associate yourself with and when there is not, it becomes boring.

13. You never think a dream is unreachable because you were taught that having faith in your own success is only way to actually reach it.

14. You smirk when someone acts incapable because you simply know everything exists, everything is possible, and everything can get done.

15. You do not fear the darkness because you know wonderful things do not depend on whether light is present.