15 Things To Believe In That Will Make You Happy To Be Alive


1. I believe in Sunday mornings. The kind where you wake up too early in a still-slightly-drunk fog and lay in bed smiling as the one you love still sleeps.

2. I believe in iced coffee, and as many as you need to get through the day. But, it should always be the unsweetened kind that isn’t ruined by the yucky syrup.

3. I believe in real friendships. The kind that you’ve had since you were in Kindergarten. Also the kind that are built standing in the corner of a college apartment huddled around a bottle of cheap Barefoot wine.

4. And even though friendships are built around wine, I firmly believe that beer is better than wine, except when we’re talking about Sangria, which trumps just about everything. While on the topic of alcohol, it is worth saying that I also believe we only drink hard alcohol to get ourselves drunk. It never has, nor will it ever, taste good.

5. I believe that if you believe in anything other than New York bagels and pizza, then you really are just an idiot and should reconsider those beliefs.

6. I believe in summertime as a feeling and not just a time of year. The feeling that in the hours of darkness, magic might actually exist, and even if it doesn’t, the hope that it does just feels so good.

7. I believe that “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls should be declared the National Girl Anthem. And I believe that most of what we need to know about life can be learned from Boy Meets World and Dr. Seuss. I also believe that (crucify me!) Taylor Swift is addicting and easy to relate to, even if she’s not all that talented, and that watching The Bachelor is mindless, but sometimes just what we need.

8. I believe in a good cry. We cry when we hurt, but we forget that we can also cry because sometimes, life is just so beautiful. In either case, I believe in crying.

9. I believe that the safest high is riding a roller coaster, and that the split second when your stomach sits in your chest as you start to fall is just about as good as it gets.

10. I believe that most stress can be dealt with by eating some Dove dark chocolate. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it — dark chocolate is good for you, and plus, Dove provides you with those nice motivational quotes on the wrapper.

11. I believe in God. I believe that he has worked miracles in my life time and time again. But more importantly than my belief in God, I believe that it is important to believe in something. Life is simply too hard not to.

12. I believe in people. I believe that even in the world that we live in, the good people far outnumber the bad. I also believe that as people, we need other people. We need people to remind us who we are when we have lost our way.

13. I believe in love. Not the perfect kind, but the kind that is good. The kind that simply means being there. I believe in the good-weird kind of love.

14. I believe in taking chances, because no matter the outcome, regret is always a worse option. And on a related note, I believe in second chances. Really, when was the last time any of us got something right the first time?

15. Most importantly, I believe in life. I believe that it’s not supposed to be easy, but I do believe that it is most certainly worth it. I believe in letting your feelings pulse through your veins and having the belief that even if it’s sometimes painful, life is good.