15 Things To Know When Dating A Petite Girl With A Big Personality


1. She’s under the impression that she’s a lot taller than she actually is.

2. Like, no that nurse at the doctor’s office must have been mistaken. She’s definitely a few inches taller than THAT! She must have just measured her incorrectly.

3. It kind of seems like her voice is always trying to make up for her small size. I know, at first glance you might think she’d be a bit quieter but NOPE, she’s got VOLUME.

4. People can often hear her laughing from down the block. So, at least you’ll always know when she’s coming…(take that how you will)

5. You’re often amazed at her energy levels. It’s like you’re dating the Energizer Bunny, but in human form.

6. …Which, by the way, has some definite advantages…

7. Have you ever heard the term firecracker in bed? Yeah, that was definitely about a petite girl with a big ol’ personality.

8. Don’t make fun of her if she says she feels a spiritual connection to the theme song from that cartoon for kids, Madeline. “I’m Madeline, I’m Madeline. I may be very small. I’m Madeline, I’m Madeline. But inside, I’m tall!”

9. Ok, she’s one hell of a little spoon. BUT that doesn’t mean she won’t want to switch it up. Will it look a little ridiculous when you swap spots? Maybe. But she’s still going to want big spoon privileges from time to time.

10. Picking her up, unless it’s some sickeningly sweet scene in an airport after not seeing each other for a while, is really not necessary. She’s not a purse or tiny animal. She’s perfectly okay just walking next to you, like a normal human being.

11. Also, don’t call her tiny. If you’re looking for a pet name or term of endearment, there are so many things you could choose from! Babe! Honey! Sweetie! Even if she gets occasionally annoyed with “cute” or “adorable” — they are both infinitely better than tiny. Just let her, even if only a second, believe she’s some badass Hulk. And Hulk not tiny. HULK SMASH.

12. And don’t underestimate her strength. She might not be Hulk level, but she’s probably a lot tougher than she appears.

13. One might even say she’s a bit like Mighty Mouse. BUT DON’T CALL HER MIGHTY MOUSE!

14. She’ll always try to get that box of cereal on the top shelf without asking you to help. Even though she struggles each time to climb up onto the counter to reach it, she likes knowing she can do things on her own. As silly as it might seem to you.

15. You might have a semi-pemanent crick in your neck from bending to kiss her, but it’ll be worth it.