15 Things You Didn’t Know About Chipotle


My friends swear by Chipotle. “The ingredients are so fresh,” they’d clamor, and press their lips on my ear to tell me of the incredible things they’d seen at this fine establishment. My first Chipotle experience happened when I was in high school – this was around when Hipster Runoff was still “relevant,” although I’m questioning if it ever was relevant, but you know, HR isn’t the point of this post. I remember grasping the thick burrito with both of my hands and biting into the chewy mass of tortilla, pico, beans and rice, and wiping the sour cream from my lips… Yes, it was a great time, and today, I have evolved into a being that consumes burritos in a bowl. Thank you, Chipotle, for ruining me.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMfSGt6rHos&w=584&h=390]

1. Chipotle is listed on NYSE at over $500 a share.

2. There is a secret 1500-calorie Chipotle burrito. The glare from the burrito will surely blind you, so you have to eat with sunglasses on or close your eyes for the entire ordeal.

3. Chipotle prides themselves on their customer service. They really encourage patrons to give suggestions and send in complaints (if they have any, because let’s face it, Chipotle is heaven).

4. There were Chipotle burrito coins in circulation at one point in your life.

5. Chipotle has many fan sites (probably on its way to becoming a lifestyle brand) and their “secret” guacamole recipe isn’t so secret, as it is published on sites like this.

6. Uh, Jason Mraz is an avocado farmer and he sells avocados to local Chipotles in California.

7. Chipotle was sued by a disabled San Diego man, who claimed that the counter was too tall for him. (The man won the lawsuit.)

8. Chipotle uses about 100,000 avocados a day. Seriously.

9. Russell Wilson got free Chipotle for the rest of his life. Oh man Chipotle, if I had that honor…

10. Chipotle will round down their prices to keep lines moving. Is that really efficient? (I’d like to think so.)

11. Chipotles are not franchised, but are company-owned.

12. Founder Steve Ellis planned to open a fine-dining establishment with the money he made from Chipotle, but he decided to focus on the now-$15 billion company instead. Good choice, Mr. Ellis.

13. The Boston Celtics and Chipotle partnered up in 2009.

14. Chipotle restaurants try to incorporate sustainable architecture as much as possible.

15. Food activist Vani Hari exposed Chipotle’s food ingredients to contain GMO-products, which led to the company to release their ingredients list on their website.


This video of the LA Beast downing 4 Chipotle burritos will impress you. Yes. It will.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5uNf55vhps&w=584&h=390]