You Can’t Fight For Someone Who Has Already Decided To Stop Fighting: 15 Things You’ll Realize After A Break Up


  1. You feel like this because you gave all of yourself to another person. You put all your trust and hope in them and when it doesn’t work out, it takes a while for you to regain that hope and trust.
  2. You can’t fight for someone who has already decided to stop fighting.
  3. Loving someone is the bravest thing you can do but giving up on someone you love is the hardest thing you can do.
  4. You wake up every morning instantly thinking about them, like they’re still with you even if only in your dreams (or nightmares, whatever).
  5. You go slightly crazy…but you’re allowed. Cry and moan and cry and rant. Download Tinder. Delete Tinder. Reload Tinder. Have an awful Tinder date. It’s cool.
  6. People come into your life for a reason and sometimes that reason changes over time.
  7. Actions speak louder than words. They made a choice not to be with you, they had the option to stay and they chose to leave.
  8. You sometimes wish they’d call and apologise and that’d it would all be good again. Unfortunately this is real life, so you’re fucked.
  9. You’re never hungry anymore, eating is an obligation at best.
  10. You find that perfect song that captures exactly how you feel and you obsess over it like it was written for you.
  11. You have a newfound appreciation for Taylor Swift and her therapist.
  12. You write stuff like ‘you’ll always have a giant piece of my jigsaw heart’ which is absolute poetry, if I do say so myself.
  13. This person has told you you’re no longer a priority, so stop treating them as if they’re still your priority.
  14. So, they slept with someone else and you want to break said bitch’s leg (and arms). It doesn’t matter who they’re with and it’s pointless obsessing over it…it isn’t you.
  15. Think of the person you dated and the person who broke up with you as two versions of the same person. You’re clinging on to ‘version 1’ when version one doesn’t exist anymore, version 1 is fantasy, the past and version two is reality and the present. The sooner you accept the person who ignores your texts and acts cold towards you, the better.