15 Timeless Lessons I Learned When I Turned 30


1. You cannot please everyone, so never even think of trying. There will always be those who hate you when you start climbing the ladder and will try to pull you down.

2. True love is not measured by how happy you are when you’re together but how faithful you are when you’re apart.

3. It’s good to enjoy life because YOLO. But it is also important not to splurge all your money just because you only live once. Make sure to save some for the rainy days, because you’re still expected to live through and survive the rainy season.

4. There is a HUGE difference between privacy and secrecy. Keep your relationship private but not secret. All your Facebook friends don’t have to know that he said “I love you and goodnight” before you fell asleep.

5. Keep your circle small but authentic. It is better to have few true friends whom you can rely on than a million “friends” that stab you behind your back.

6. Never stop dreaming. It gives you more reasons to stay alive.

7. Never forget to smile, even if there’s a huge storm brewing inside you. God is still in control.

8. When you’re happy, PRAY. When you’re sad, PRAY. Pray in all circumstances. It makes a lot of difference.

9. A delay in your prayers does not necessarily mean a denial from God. Trust in God’s perfect timing.

10. It is never too late to start a hobby or learn a new skill. Do it now.

11. Be careful who you pour your heart out. They might be pouring it out to someone else’s ears.

12. Never compare where you are and where others are in terms of career or success in general. We all have our own pace. Take your time.

13. Enjoy your food without bragging about it on social media. Usually no one really cares what you had for lunch.

14. It is always better to be KIND than to be RIGHT. Always try to be kind as often as possible.

15. Never pass judgment on anyone unless you know their real story. Also, more often than not, first impressions are wrong. Never judge anyone based on a first impression.