15 Times Online Shopping Went Hilariously Wrong That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Everyone knows that sometimes when you shop online you’re taking a risk and that’s okay because Amazon was made for the lazy people of the world (like me). But every once in a while you enter true “buyer beware” territory and get scammed. Here’s fifteen times that buying online wasn’t just a disappointment but an epic disappointment.

1. This Print Closeup

2. These “Deck Chairs”

3. This Converse Backpack

4. This Rug

5. This Ruined Surprise

6. This Elegant Dress

7. These 32″ Jeans

8. This Bouquet Substitution

9. This Christmas Mug

10. This Phone Case With “Impressions” Left On It

11. These Cheap Leggings

12. This Pathetic Flower Arrangement

13. This TV Stand

14. This Beach Top

15. This Cake For A Blind, Er, Blonde Girl

Check the fine print, y’all!