15 Tips On How To Get Everything You Want In Life


These 15 ways are intangible but if they are practiced then any goal can be achieved. Set your standards, clearly state to the Universe what you want in life and follow these simple steps.

1. BE GRATEFUL – Everything in life stems from gratitude. If you are not grateful for the things you have in life then you aren’t genuinely making room for anything else. Every single day find several things to be grateful for and never pass up the opportunity to say thank you.

2. STOP COMPLAINING – No one wants to be around someone who complains constantly about the long line at the coffee shop or the weather on a rainy day. Just stay silent and try your hardest to see the silver lining.

3. DRAW POSITIVE ENERGY – It’s amazing how much we don’t understand about ourselves. The vast potential that our mind holds is unparalleled. You have to learn to master your mind and draw positive energy from the universe. In order to do this, we have to focus on the next step.

4. REJECT NEGATIVITY – Think of negativity as this ugly sweater you’ll never wear or a horrid pair of jeans that will never fit. Envision negativity as a dark cloud that you have to steer clear from. When you do this, you will find that you are making room for the wonderful orb of positive energy to cushion you throughout life.

5. ACCEPTANCE – Accept your flaws and your mistakes. If you brood on them constantly, then you are making them the master of your life. So gear up, put on a brave face and accept everything that makes you who you are. Additionally, stop placing the blame on others or finding someone to take the fall each time. Don’t even bother to blame anyone just accept the situation and move on.

6. LET IT GO – Do not be a slave to your past; just let it go. If you are constantly living with the regret of your past then you are just invoking your own suffering. My tip is to light a candle and write down all the things in the past I want to move on from and just let them burn, and walk away.

7. OPEN YOUR MIND – So much has changed in the course of the Earth’s lifetime and we too, must change with it. We can’t live in the mentality of the past. Open your mind and look through an anthropological lens. Appreciate other cultures and stop deeming one race or religion as superior to another. Embrace the difference because that’s what makes us unique.

8. LIVE IN THE PRESENT – This is reminiscent of that corny little fridge magnet that says “”Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” Memorize this and make it a part of you. You are only living for the moment that is now. Stop lamenting on the past or worrying about the future.

9. FORGIVE – This is a hard one to do especially if you believe you have been wronged but it is dangerously the most important one. If you don’t forgive you are basically digging your own grave. If you go through life holding a grudge then you’re going to feel heavy and tied down. Forgiving people releases those chains and gives you an airy freedom. Great things will come your way.

10. PATIENCE – Good things come to those who wait. Don’t rush through life every day bustling about without even taking a moment to breathe and look around. Understand that everything will come in necessary time if you just relax, surround yourself with radiant energy and let the Universe do the work for you.

11. LAUGH – If we all had the strength to laugh at every crappy situation we’ve ever been in then the world may be a happier place. Stop freaking out about everything and just have a good laugh at the mess you’re in. It helps you to remain calm and think of a logical solution.

12. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT – So often we go about blurting out everything that comes to mind but in situations that require delicacy or empathy always think before you act. Words are a powerful thing and they last longer than bruises and scars. Don’t ever get into an argument with a hot temper. You always have a choice so take a moment to breathe and choose the one that is better suited for the greater benefit.

13. MEDITATE – You don’t have to do anything special really. You can do it anywhere you like, at any time. Just fall still, close your eyes, ignore all the distractions and just find that quiet time to cool off.

14. SELF-REFLECT – This is an art. The ability to self-reflect may sound simple but so often we live in ignorance and forget to look at ourselves. Always reflect on the person you are and ask yourself “Was this necessary? Did I overreact? Am I at fault?” When you find the courage to really reflect on yourself then you grow as a person.

15. WITH ALL THINGS, LOVE – To love is to serve, to be the bigger person, to see all people as equal, to accept yourself and to love everyone despite their faults and their mistakes. To love is to open your hearts and your minds to endless possibilities and make yourself vulnerable to the very gift of being loved.