15 Types Of Girls At Hostel Parties


Yes you read that right. GIRLS HOSTEL. No one other than the inhabitants really know what goes on in there. And hostel parties? You’ll hardly hear of them, and even rarer are the chances of the pictures of such parties being uploaded on Facebook. The reason? These parties go wild. Out of your imagination wild. Put alcohol and girls in one room and the result is an exotic mixture of hot pants, vodka shots, hot dances and tank tops. Right? Yes, you’re right, but that’s where your imagination stops. Girls hostel parties are this and so much more.

But, alcohol does a trick or two on girls and helps reveal different shades of their personalities. Here is a list of the different types of girls found at hostel parties.

1.The Storyteller: She has witnessed the most bizarre of incidents in life. The most unbelievable things are always happening to her or her relatives or her friends. She has a series of ghost stories, drug dealer stories, murder\robbery stories, chor police stories, political stories, previous hostel stories, the daughter who ran away from home with the pappadwallah stories. You name a topic and lay back because she’ll be talking all night. She just needs one lead, and then she’ll blabber all night and keep everyone’s attention. And the next morning she’ll have you wondering how much of it was actually true.

2. The Chef: Everyone drunk, out of control and hungry? All 20 girls? No problem at all! She’ll single handedly prepare a feast for everyone in no time. She’ll make regular maggi taste like the best maggi you’ve ever had. For special occasions, she might even whip up a cake out of biscuits and what not. She will have everyone fed and happy.

3. The Josh Type: She is so cool. The life of the party. She’s the one who doesn’t drink just vodka, she can practically drink any alcohol with anything. She prefers whiskey paani – typical uncle drink. But she can make do with anything during a contingency. And she wants to have a night to remember or can’t remember!! She wants to do everything right, so she’ll start the night with a toast. But there’s only one thing that scares her – not enough alcohol. That’s the only thing that can ruin her mood. She’ll be the last one with a glass in hand, hours even after sunrise.

4. The Slow and Steady: She’s the one having the best time. She just takes her glass of whiskey and finds a cozy spot. And then she just enjoys the whole show. She talks little and only to add spice. She’s in her happy spot, enjoying her drink and watching everyone make a fool out of themselves. She’ll drink till the end, and somehow be the most sober!

5. The Stealth Mode: She has never tried alcohol and is not interested in changing that status anytime soon. Everyone will force her to drink and she’ll always tactfully postpone her christening into the world of alcohol. She’ll also quietly slip out of the room once everyone is too drunk to notice or care and retreat to her own room. The next morning when everyone will be complaining of hangovers, she’ll be the one enjoying the party.

6. The Bartender: She’s the mad scientist. Everyone has to bear with her experiments. You can’t stop her, if she decides on chilli vodka… you’ll burn your eyes and cough your lungs out with all the chilli in the room. She will come up with the most bizarre drinks. If her mood isn’t right, you’ll end up with aam panna and whiskey. She also keeps a watchful eye on everyone and accordingly decides the quantity of liquor in their drinks, depending on whether she feels they can handle it or not.

7. The One With the Boyfriend: She’ll be the one glued to her phone. She’ll WhatsApp all night and often vanish for hours to talk on the phone. She’ll barely have one drink and pretend to be a little tipsy so she can cute-drunk text her boyfriend.

8. The First Timer: As the name suggests, it’s her first time drinking. She’ll think she’s completely drunk after one drink. She’ll make the most noise and irritate everyone else. She’ll eventually tire herself out and be the first one to pass out.

9. The Cry Baby: She’ll be the first one to get drunk. Once you cut off her alcohol supply, she’ll demand for more and ‘The Bartender’ will hand her a glass of coke and she wouldn’t know the difference. She’ll then be falling and tripping everywhere. And she’ll have the second most drunk girl trying to hold her up. Then, something will trigger it, and once it starts her flood of tears won’t stop. She’ll tell everyone that she loves them and cry about it. She’ll hug everyone and cry about it. She’ll think of the tiniest quarrel she had with anyone, about 3 semesters back, and apologise and cry about it. The waterworks stop only when you put her to sleep, which won’t be an easy task.

10. The Dramaqueen: She’ll get drunk by virtue of smelling the alcohol. Then she’ll create a scene — a big show about how upset she is in life, which will likely include calling multiple ex-boyfriends and crying on her phone all night. 

11. The Exotic Dancer: Most girls will start dancing, give them a few drinks and put on jumma chumma de de and watch them sing and dance for hours. But she is different. Two drinks and four lines of encouragement and she’ll bring out the sexy in her. She’ll beat Sunny Leone at babydoll, she’ll have other girls turning a little bit gay with her moves and flirtatious eyes, she’ll even offer lap dances and have all eyes on her with everyone wooting and whistling. Phew! She’s hot.

12. The Mommy: She will not drink because she knows that she’s the only responsible one. She’ll keep asking everyone to be quiet. She’ll keep turning down the speaker volume. She’ll tell everyone to go to bed. She’ll keep reminding everyone about some paper submission or some upcoming exam or placement activity! Buzzkill!

13. The Scaredy Cat: She wants to drink. She wants to have a great time. But she’s so scared. She’ll constantly fret that the warden will come to know. Or the nemesis group of girls know about their party and might get them in trouble. But after a couple of drinks, she’ll loosen up!

14. The Wild One: She’s the wild one. She will let her natural instincts take over. She wants to talk at the top of her voice, she wants to dance all over the place and sing along even when she can’t sing. She might even get carried away and come up with crazy ideas like climbing onto the roof or getting on to a forbidden prank or jump from the balcony. But fear not, she can take care of herself. She just knows how to have a good time.

15. The Host: This girl has a heart of gold. And because everyone knows it, twenty people will distort the room and she’ll be the only one cleaning it up the next day. It is with some patience that she watches the drinks getting spilled, the coke fizzing out on the floor, the chips scattered everywhere, that broken mug. But she loves it.  And it’s usually always this one room where all the parties take place. That room can be easily remodeled to accommodate everyone. And everyone loves it here! So, it’s not like she has an option!