15 Undeniable Stages Of Falling In And Out Of Love With A Song


1. Love At First Listen

The song finds you when you least expect it, and when you need it the most. You’re strolling through the supermarket or driving to work and the song comes on the radio. It seeps into your subconscious, and you’re jamming along before you even realize what you’re listening to. You stop everything and just absorb. You finally understand what the phrase “music to my ears” means. Life just feels more complete.

2. Shazam Before It’s Too Late!

It finally hits you that you have no idea what the song’s called or who performs it, and it’s almost over. Ahhhh! You stumble for your phone and Shazam before the song is lost to the FM forever.

3. Listen To It Like It’s The Last Song On Earth!

This is the best song ever!! Listen to it over and over! Every time you think it’s about to get old, it rebounds! What can’t this song do??

4. Show All Of Your Friends!

Share the love! This song needs to be in everyone’s life! If they love it, then yay! Listen to it on repeat together! If they think it’s just “alright” then they’re idiots! They wouldn’t know good music if John Lennon came back to life and literally and figuratively slapped them across the face with it!

5. Learn All Of The Lyrics!

True love means learning every lyric. Letting the words soak into your soul. Plus, the only way to prove your love for a song is to be able to sing along flawlessly, obviously.

6. Search The Internet For Covers!

Just like an old, married couple looking for ideas to mix things up in the bedroom, you scour the Internet for great and interesting covers of the song. It can seriously do no wrong.

7. Watch The Music Video!

Watch it over and over! If it doesn’t have an official music video, look for fan-made videos online! Just keep the song love alive.

8. Cheer With Joy Every Time It’s On The Radio!

It’s being played on the main radio stations! See? You knew you had good taste. It’s about time the rest of the world caught up with you.

9. Be Really Happy For The Artist!

They’re finally getting the attention they deserve! You’re so proud, like a parent watching their baby go off to college. You feel like it was just yesterday that you discovered that song, and now it’s a big hit. *tear*

10. Maybe Don’t Turn The Volume Up When The Song Comes On… Again.

It’s still a good song! Buuuuuuut… You just heard it fifteen minutes ago, so you’re good for now.

11. Check Google To Make Sure It’s Not Actually The Last Song On Earth

It’s on every radio station and commercial. Are there no other songs? Why do they insist on using it everywhere? You’re getting *gasp* annoyed.

12. Boil In Frustration When You Can’t Get The Song Out Of Your Head

Whyyyyyyyyyyyy did you learn all of those lyrics??? If the radio isn’t playing it at that moment, your brain has it on a constant loop. DAMN IT.

13. Curse The Radio Gods Every Time It’s On The Radio!

UGH. AGAIN??? NOOOOO. PLEASE PLEASE PLAY SOMETHING ELSE. You physically cringe every time you hear it come on the radio now. Someone is torturing you on purpose.

14. Mourn The Loss Of A Treasured Friend

It’s happened. You never thought it would happen to you, but here you are. You can’t stand to hear those opening notes; it’s like the song that used to be a magical awakening to you has now changed to a mainstream machine. You barely even recognize it any more.

15. Reconnect Years Later… As Just Friends

It took some time, but you can finally stand to be in their presence once more. It’ll never be what it used to be, but it’s nice to get back in touch from time to time and reminisce on the good old days.