15 Ways To Survive In The Information Age


We are living in the best possible condition that human beings have ever lived in. The rapid advances in technology, the seemingly infinite amount of information available to all, and the innovative mindset of millions of people, have created an extraordinarily suitable environment for success. I’ve talked in previous posts about the fact that we are in the information age and moving out of the industrial age. Industrialized thinking, rigid thinking, and inability to change are going to be the major downfall of many people in our society. There’s a rainstorm coming, and many of us do not have an umbrella. Those who are stuck in their old ways won’t be able to be prosperous in the new era. So what can you do to keep up with the curve? Here are some practical tips to help you survive (and thrive) in the information age.

1. Read more books – I constantly harp on this point, but the more knowledge you accumulate the better. You are going to need to draw on a variety of skills in this new age, so the more you know the better.

2. Keep up with the latest technology – Watch some Ted talks about the newest technology and scientific research, read articles about innovative ways that technology is impacting our society.

3. Let go of the idea that a job is the only way to make money – This period of time will create the highest amount of self – made millionaires that this country has ever seen. Learn how to turn your passions, talents, and strengths, into cold hard cash.

4. Don’t listen to your parents – As well intentioned as they are, the information they have may not be relevant in this new age. They grew up in a time where you could expect to work for the same company forever. Things are simply not this way anymore.

5. Be willing to adapt – The ones who are able to recognize what’s not working and move on will be successful. The owner of the first social media website of any popularity, Friendster, was offered $50 million for his website, and he declined. Now the company is worth nothing. He didn’t get out in time. He contemplated suicide.

6. Contemplate potential pitfalls – Always think of the multiple potential outcomes. Try to look ahead and recognize the obstacles you may face in the future.

7. Network – This social media thing is great. You can build connections with people all over the world. You know what they say, its not what you know but WHO you know.

8. Promote through social media – I suggest if you are in any business it would be a good idea to have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect. Get with the times.

9. Become a renaissance man/woman – Know a little bit about everything. Learn a new language, learn how to play a musical instrument, acquire more interests; become a more interesting person.

10. Save your money – The economy, as we have seen in recent years, can be unpredictable. Don’t get caught swimming naked when the tides have receded.

11. Think like an investor  – Treat your time, energy, and your money like the precious assets that they are. Make sure you are using them for something that can gain you a return in the future.

12. Quit thinking you are too young to get serious about your goals – A lot of 20 somethings float through the years until they reach 30, and once they are 30 they realize how much time they wasted. You will never have as much energy as you have now, use it while the getting is good,

13. Keep yourself in good shape – Getting the good life requires energy, a healthy body supports the brain, and you are going to need that noggin of yours in the information age.

14. Stop taking advice from your broke friends – Talk to your friends about meaningless stuff like what’s trending on social media. Don’t take business advice from your buddy who has $200 in his bank account.

15. Experiment with your life – If an old approach isn’t working, try something different. Test the results of your new approach, if it doesn’t get you what you want, ditch it and start a new experiment.