15 Women On The Little Things Their Boyfriend Does That Makes Them Feel Loved (That Most Men Overlook)


1. “Anything he does that shows he appreciates what I do for him, like when he does the dishes after I cook. He’s acknowledging that yes, it was a task to make him a delicious meal, and he’s showing his appreciation by cleaning my dirty plate afterwards.” —Shannon, 26

2. “He leaves me little endearing notes on the fridge before he goes to work. But he’d probably die of embarrassment if I told anyone what they said.” —Laney, 25

3. “When he stinks up the bathroom he lights a match. Who would’ve thought his stinky poos would make me feel loved, but he doesn’t light a match for himself, he does it for me.” —Francine, 27

4. “He makes me my ‘PMS tea’ when I’m on my period. Yogi Woman’s Moon Cycle Tea, works wonders in case any women were curious.” —Chelsea, 26

5. “He comes home randomly from work with something he ‘passed by’ that made him think of me. I’m not totally materialistic and saying I love it when he buys me things, it could be something of no monetary value at all, just the fact that he was thinking about me is what makes me feel loved.” —Katharine, 25

6. “When we watch movies with a hot female lead actress he always comments on her looks but then follows up with how he loves me more. Like if we watch Wedding Planner he’ll talk about how nice J Lo’s ass is and then immediately after will say he loves mine more ‘of course.’ It’s so stupid, and I usually just roll my eyes, but I have to admit, I love it.” —Sofia, 24

7. “When he puts his arm around me because some douchey guy is eyeing me up at the bar, it’s like he’s saying A) she’s with me keep dreaming, and B) stop staring creep.” —Alexa, 26

8. “When he doesn’t see me for a little while for what ever reason, and tells me ‘he misses me so much’ I kind of bask in his longing for me.” —Sammie, 27

9. “If he screws up, he’ll always apologize and admit what he did wrong. It’s simple and common sense, but some guys will only apologize and never own up to what they did that made you mad in the first place.” —Victoria, 26

10. “When I’m stressing out and acting like a crazy bitch he doesn’t get mad at me for being an emotional wreck, he just hugs me and tells me it’s going to be okay. And even if at the moment I refute his attempt to calm me down, I do secretly love that he tries.” —Olivia, 25

11. “I always cook us dinner, but when I travel for work (which is every so often) the night I return, he cooks for me. He recognizes that I’ve had a long ass day and the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. It’s considerate of him.” —Chloe, 28

12. “On holidays and birthdays he always writes me a really long hand-written card. It’s thoughtful and it means something. I like it better than the actual gift.” —Natalie, 25

13. “When I have my period he buys me my favorite Ben and Jerry’s, half baked cures all PMS problems. He knows this.” —Avery, 24

14. “When he gives me oral without me hinting that he hasn’t in a while.” —Alanna, 26

15. “He respects my space. If I need alone time, he gives me it. It’s not what most people would characterize as any display of affection, but it is for me.” —Heather, 27