14 Women Share Why They’re Totally Over Playing Hard To Get


1. “I have no interest in playing hard to get. If I want you, you’ll know it, and I am not afraid to express that.” —Mira, 25

2.. “I’m not going to pretend to hate you to make you like me. If I want a guy, I’m going to go for it, and if he’s turned off by that, oh well. On to the next one.” —Nikki, 24

3. “Games are a waste of time. Playing hard to get just means you’re too scared to admit your honest feelings.” —Jill, 26

4. “Playing hard to get sometimes makes them want you more, but then what will happen when they get you? I think it’s better just to be real, that way there’s no false expectations, they know what they’re getting and so do you.” —Alicia, 25

5. “When did it become a bad thing to like someone? If I tell you I’m into you, shouldn’t you be flattered?” —Elise, 26

6. “Playing hard to get isn’t just pretending to not be interested, it’s more than that. It’s answering his texts 5 hours after he sends them, it’s saying you can’t go out with him Friday night even though you know you’re free. It’s not just, ‘I don’t like you. Please like me.’ There’s a whole strategy behind it. I don’t have time for all that nonsense anymore.” —Chelsea, 24

7. “I got my current boyfriend by playing hard to get. When he first asked me out, I told him I was seeing someone else (even though I was more single than ever). He asked who it was and what he had to do to change my mind, I told him I’d take it into consideration and got his number. When I texted him two weeks later he was even more interested. It worked, but that will be the last time I ever do that because it was way too difficult to not call him immediately the next day.” —Lainey, 25

8. “Any time I have played hard to get, the relationship lasts no longer than 4 months. Not a fan. Someone who only likes you because they can’t have you is always going to be searching for the next best thing.” —Kelsey, 25

9. “If you become more appealing to someone simply because you’re unattainable then they don’t actually like you, they just like chasing you.” —Cassie, 24

10. “Playing hard to get is so daunting. I know it will probably attract them in the end, but I just want you to have me already! It just makes the entire process so much longer. I’m interested, you’re interested, let’s just cut the crap and get to the good stuff.” —Stacey, 23

11. “Playing hard to get implies that they are ‘getting me.’ I don’t like that. I’m not an item that you shop for, or a puppy that you pick out from all of the rest, I’m a woman who has real feelings and emotions; if you can’t handle them you’re not worth it.” —Lauren, 26

12. “I’m way too clueless to play hard to get. I don’t even know how to flirt, I should probably work on that first.” —Sadie, 22

13. “I hate it when guys play hard to get with me, so I am certainly not going to do it to them. It just complicates things, and dating is already complicated enough.” —Hannah, 24

14. “Playing hard to get is just something girls do when they can’t get a guy by being themselves. It’s stupid, and it’s fake. We shouldn’t have to play games to land a guy we’re interested in.” —Sabrina, 26