16 Brutally Honest Stages Of Dating, As Told By “The Hills”


“The Hills” might just be one of the best television shows ever. I’m rewatching the series right now and I’m just like YESSSS about everything – LC’s hair, the drama, Heidi’s cluelessness – it’s all my favorite. All of the dating advice and insight LC gives on the show is just as relevant today as it was back in the 2000s. While I could have just selected some of my fave LC quotes and advice I realized it just wouldn’t be the same unless we could see the scenes ~in action.~ Here are some of the best (and worst) parts of the dating experience as told by “The Hills.”

1. You decide you’re finally ready to date:

2. Then someone suggests setting you up with someone you already know you don’t like:

3. You’re like, seriously tho??? 

4. Then you go out to meet guys and it feels pretty much hopeless:

5. But then you find someone you actually really, really like and it’s driving you crazy:

6. You’re checking your phone nonstop like, wait, did they just text me:

7. You tell your best friend everything about him and she’s like:

8. You think everything’s going great but then you have the relationship talk, realizing you two aren’t at the same level:

9. And you realize things aren’t working out right now anyway:

10. You have a heart to heart with your BFF about it:

 11. So you break it off with your ex for awhile and then you’re like:

12. You try to forget about him but it feels nearly impossible:

13. Then you consider taking him back but you just know you can’t do that yourself:

14. Your best friend’s like, uhmm yeah, no shit. Remember how awful he was??

15. You decide you can’t trust anyone ever.

16. Finally, you realize what the real problem is: