16 Dumb Little Things That Instantly Put You In A Bad Mood


Star Trek: The Next Generation

1. The fact that hoodies don’t have some sort of guard to prevent the string from going inside of it. You might as well throw it in the trash because you will never see that string again.

2. When someone is taking a picture on a busy street and they stand 20 feet away from the guy with the camera and then act frustrated every time someone walks in front of them. Sorry we didn’t shut down the street for you to take your new Facebook profile picture.

3. When you have some sort of drama going on in your life and people you haven’t talked to in months start texting you like they’re your best friend just so they can find out what’s going on.

4. You’re running late and suddenly the traffic light turns red despite no one else being around. Did a ghost do it? Be more considerate ghost drivers.

5. When you’re texting with someone and instead of writing out their entire thought in one text, they break it up and send you 400 texts with three words in each one. Now you can’t even read it because your phone has vibrated so many times, the battery is dead.

6. Songs that have a siren or screeching tire sounds in them so when you’re driving you think you’re about to get pulled over or die.

7. Watching a movie with someone that has already seen it so they just stare at you the whole time waiting for your reactions. If you don’t react they’ll say things like, “Did you see that? Do you get it?” Yes, please stop staring at me you awful goblin.

8. When you’re talking to someone that you have to be really nice to but they keep making terrible jokes so you have to continually fake laugh so much that you can physically feel your soul dying.

9. Anyone that says “amazeballs” should immediately be cut out of your life forever. Same thing goes for “awesome sauce”.

10. The entire subway train is empty and some dude eating a bag of Funyuns sits down in the seat next to you.

11. When people talk at full volume during the trailers at the movies. How am I supposed to know what other movies I want to come see if you’re screaming about your Cheesecake Factory reservations the whole time?

12. You go to dinner with a group of friends and everyone had close to the same thing, so you all agree to split the bill evenly. That is until the one guy that insists he didn’t eat any of the appetizer so he wants to itemize the meal and now you have to call H&R Block to figure everything out.

13. People that hover. Seriously dude, back up.

14. When you ask someone to watch something or listen to a song and during it they start whispering to you about something totally unrelated. It’s a two minute clip and you can’t focus for that long? Also, why are you whispering?

15. Those guys at the mall that scream at you to switch your cell phone service and then make rude comments if you don’t stop. Sorry I didn’t make a two-year financial agreement because you screamed, “Yo bro, you still got that old iPhone? What’s that about?”

16. When you get your order at a fast food restaurant and realize you forgot to ask for honey mustard so you ask the cashier and he tells you that it’s .20 for sauce. You paid with a card and have no change on you.