16 Fake Self-Help Books Every 20-Something Woman Would Actually Find Useful


1. Bobbi Brown’s Best Make-Up Looks To Cover Up The Fact That You Were Just Crying In The Bathroom At Work

2. In Celebration Of Your Uterus: Becoming More Comfortable With Openly Carrying Your Tampon To The Bathroom Rather Than Subtly Bringing Your Whole Purse

3. How To Cope With Mansplaining: Expert Advice On How To Zone Out When A Man Unnecessarily Explains Subjects Like Feminism, The Economy, Movie Plots, And Things You Just Explained To Him Five Minutes Ago

4. We Can Do It!: Learning How To Stop Apologizing In Emails To Your Boss

5. Zero Limits—Except One: Embracing Your Sexuality While Also Not Letting Matt Get Any Ideas That You’re Into Super Weird Stuff Because, Like, You’re Not A Prude But You’re Definitely Not Doing That

6. Not A Fan: One Uncool Girl’s Journey To Being Confident In Her Admittance That She Really Doesn’t Give A Shit About Football

7. How To Survive The Loss Of A Love: Pages Of Spreadsheets Filled In By Your Dad That Prove You Need To Stop Spending So Much Money On Bagels And Bath Bombs

8. The Secret: This Is Why Kelly Gets So Many Likes On Her Instagram (Not To Be Mistaken For The Book On Positivity)

9. The Road Less Traveled: How To Actively Remove Social Media Friends Who Misuse Famous Quotes In Their Posts (Feat A Special Section Dedicated To Teaching You How To Spot A Marilyn Monroe Misquoter From Just Their Profile Picture)

10. Boundaries: Letting Kevin Know That It’s Really Fucking Annoying And Gross That He Pees While You’re In The Shower Together

11. Rachel Ray’s 30 Quickest After-Work Recipes For One When All You Really Want To Do Is Sit Down With A Bottle Of Wine And Swipe Your Sorrows Away On Tinder

12. 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Dating App Users

13. ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’: Old Fashioned And Nonsensical Responses Your Mother Will Accept And Nod Her Head Sadly To After She Asks For The 100th Time Why It Didn’t Work Out With Sam

14. Courage To Change: Coping With The Fact That You Might Be Too Old To Be Shopping At Forever 21

15. Many Lives, Many Friends: Here’s What To Do When Two Different Friend Groups Are Meeting For The First Time

16. The Six Pillars Of Self-Awareness: How To Look At Yourself In The Mirror And Consider That, Yeah You Have Great Self-Esteem, But You’re Also Kinda An Asshole