16 Little Lessons I’ve Learned About Loving Myself


1. Mental health and wellness practices are just as vital as physical exercise.

2. Life will always overwhelm you in some way. Make a schedule and stick to it to reach your goal, but don’t forget to allot time for the people and things that bring you peace.

3. Your stressors and anxieties are no excuse for projecting anger, frustration, and distance onto others.

4. Sometimes it’s not you—it’s him. And you can’t change that. Take a deep breath and focus on what brings you joy. Let it go and you will, with time, find peace.

5. Keep the people that love and value you closer than those you’re constantly striving to impress.

6. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of sharing how he makes you feel. His response will tell you everything you need to know.

7. Spending time with yourself is one of the most valuable experiences you will have. Learn more about yourself and it will teach you more about the world.

8. Spirituality is a powerful outlet and one that makes you tenfold more comfortable with being independent.

9. It’s okay to hide away for a day, maybe a weekend. But know that you’ll have to wake up one morning, put one foot in front of the other, and find your rhythm again.

10. Stop waiting for things to happen. Take the initiative and handle your business alone, regardless of how big or small it seems.

11. Sunshine and a summer breeze—there are few other remedies as free and effortless.

12. How you look reflects how you will feel. Do this for yourself. Get a new haircut, color your hair blue, get a wild piercing, or don’t leave the house until you’ve perfected your eyeliner. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, unique, and radiant.

13. Close your eyes and listen to your favorite musicians. Really listen to the lyrics. You’ll find strength in some way.

14. Writing down your thoughts, dreams, visions, and stressors will help you realize them more profoundly. It will also instill a sense of independence and decrease your need to constantly rely on others for emotional relief.

15. There’s a difference between needing someone and wanting someone. Define what each means to you and how that reflects how you see yourself.

16. There is no moment or situation that does not help you grow in some way. Take all of the seemingly negative emotions and experiences as positive learning experiences that will ultimately make you a stronger, happy person.