16 Little Reminders To Get You Through Even Your Darkest Days


1. Things will hardly ever work out how you want them to or how they are “supposed to.” If it does then you are either very lucky or there is something hidden. But in return this keeps us striving for that perfect scenario.

2. The saying “nothing worth having comes easy” is very true. Struggle makes you appreciate what you gain. If things were easy, life would be easy and we all know life is not easy.

3. Dream. Dream as big and as much as you can and never stop chasing it.

4. Say what you need to say and never hold back. The truth can be hard but can also be so rewarding. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

5. Take as many chances that you can. You never know which one will be the one to change your life. You never know if that chance will come again and you may never be in the same position to take it.

6. “Take chances, a lot of them cause no matter where you end up or with who, it always ends up how it is supposed to be. Mistakes make you and everything is worth it.”

7. Travel as much as you can.

8. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to not know what to do. Things will work out as long as you are trying for something.

9. Friendships are more important that relationships first.

10. Give people chances, and sometimes second chances if they deserve it.

Relationships in today’s society are tough. People make it seem like being loyal is an accomplishment when it should actually just be how relationships are.

12. If you’re in a relationship be sure to show effort. Be sure to never stop showing you care and want them like how you won them over in the first place.

13. Cheating sucks and ruins people.

14. Timing is a big thing, but it is never really the wrong time it can also just be an excuse when there is a different issue as well.

15. Be you, and be okay with it.

We got this, each and every one of us.