16 Orgasmic Tips For Girls Who Never Actually Climax During Sex


1. Be vocal. Tell your person what you like and what you do not like. Silence is only going to confuse him. It might feel awkward to say your turn-ons and turn-offs out loud, but your words will help guarantee you an orgasm from him.

2. Touch your clitoris. If you are too shy to ask your boyfriend to rub your clit, then do it yourself. He will think it’s sexy — and if he’s smart he’ll pay close attention to your movements to learn how you like to be touched.

3. Touch the rest of your body too. Play with your nipples. Grab a handful of your breasts. Slap your own ass. Your hands don’t always have to be on him. They can be on yourself.

4. Sext him ahead of time. It might be easier for you to text your boyfriend exactly what you want him to do the next time you’re in bed together than say it directly to his face.

5. Ask him to eat you out. If you have trouble climaxing during penetrative sex, you’re not alone. It happens to a lot of women. You might have an easier time orgasming if he’s going down on you. So ask him!

6. Foreplay for much longer. If you aren’t wet during sex, you are going to experience discomfort. And if you experience discomfort, you are going to be too focused on the pain to feel any pleasure. That’s why you have to make sure you make-out and heavy pet for a while before letting him fully inside your body.

7. Try new positions. Some positions are going to feel better than others. Even though it sucks to do all the work, you can try getting on top of your boyfriend, because then you are the one in control of the pace and the movement. You can also try moving your legs and torso at different angles while he’s on top.

8. Read eroticaIf no amount of foreplay with your boyfriend seems like enough for you, then you can get ready before he comes over. Try reading some erotica or watching your favorite love scene online. Get yourself in the mood however you can.

9. Use lubricant. Sex might feel uncomfortable if you’re too dry down there, which is why you should use a few drops of lube. You want to be as wet as possible.

10. Talk dirty. Ask him if he likes your tight pussy. Ask him what he wants done to his cock. Ask him where he wants to come. Indulge in more senses than just touch.

11. Never fake your orgasmsIf you pretend to orgasm, then your boyfriend is going to think he did all of the right things and will do those same things again next time you have sex. It’s better to be honest, even if you’re embarrassed by the truth.

12. Think sexy thoughts. If ogling your boyfriend’s body isn’t enough, imagine an even sexier scenario with him inside of your head. Your mind is a powerful tool you should use more often.

13. Buy sex toys. Have your boyfriend rest a vibrator against your clit as he thrusts into you. It could give you the extra pleasure you need to push you over the edge.

14. Masturbate more often. If you don’t know how to make yourself orgasm, then your person is probably never going to figure it out. You should know the way your own body works. If you’re not sure what makes you climax yet, experiment the next time you’re home alone — or while your partner watches!

15. Make yourself more comfortable. Maybe you would feel more comfortable with the lights off. Or with music playing. Or with the windows shut tight. If you want to orgasm, you need to feel like you’re in a safe, loving space where you can let loose.

16. Breathe. It’s fucked up, but the more focused you are on reaching an orgasm, the more difficult it will be. You have to relax. You have to enjoy yourself. You have to stop focusing on the end goal and have fun in the moment.