16 People On The Most Clever Life Hack They’ve Learned



1. “Get friendly with the word “no” – George, 28

2. “Writing poetry as a medium to re-connect with myself.” – Andrew, 30

3. “If you can accept whatever “bad” happens as a natural part of your existence and stop focusing on the trauma & drama, you can face anything.” – Alexandra, 21

4. “To peel a kiwi with a spoon.” – Andrea, 26

5. “Make the people around you laugh… when they laugh, I feel I am living in a positive environment. Also: research positive words on Google. Buy yourself flowers…all the time. Give flowers to your girl-friends, even if you are a girl.” – Elena, 30

6. “Give flowers to your boyfriend, even if you are a girl.” – Carlos, 29

7. “Dance in the house at least 3 times a week.” – Daniela, 30

8. “Buy yourself some good ice cream.” – Maria, 25

9. “Always do the cleaning 30 minutes after you wake up, never later. And don’t wake up after 10 am. Stop seeing/talking to people you don’t really enjoy or connect with. You have better things to do with that time. Always smile to those who give you their seat on the bus and thank them from your heart. It will make your and their day better.” – Ani, 28

10. “Have sex before eating.” – Radu, 29

11. “Banana peels work great for shining shoes.” – Michael, 35

12. “This is a relationship saver. If you sleep with a partner in one bed and you have different working shifts, set your alarm on vibration only, leave one sock on the foot and put the phone into the sock. This way you are not waking up your beloved on a daily basis.” – Gregor, 31

13. “This hack will save you an endless amount of time. (It’s also sock related.) Throw all your daily used socks away and buy 20-30 pairs of perfectly identical socks. Keep them in a separate bag when they are dirty and wash them when you have enough for one washing machine filling. This way you never have to sort by, or pair up socks!” – Gregor, 31

14. “Be happy, it’s free.” – Alex, 24

15. “Put a wrinkled shirt in the bath as you are showering, and the steam will do its trick.” – Daniel, 27

16. “Mine dates from back when smoking was allowed in bars. Put your smoke soaked clothes on the heater at night and all the smell will be gone by morning.” – Ioana, 30