16 People On Their Favorite Thing That Their Partner Does In The Morning


1. “She has to wake up an hour and a half before me every morning (she’s a teacher), and every time I hear her and stir, she goes, ‘Shhh, go back to sleep.’ It’s the most comforting feeling ever.”

–Jason, 31

2. “No fail, he gets up like ten minutes before our alarm every morning. And I never hear him, but when my alarm goes off, I always wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. It’s wonderful.”

–Genna, 27 

3. “I am running late every single morning no matter what I do. But she always hands me a buttered English muffin when I’m running to the car even though she’s got a million other things to do too. It’s one of the sweetest things about her.”

–Terrance, 32

4. “He usually lays in bed for a few minutes on his phone while he waits for me to wake up. And every morning I open my eyes to him telling me the weather. It’s so stupid but I’ve grown to love it.”

–Gretchen, 25

5. “We made a Spotify playlist one Sunday night while we were whining about having to go to work the next day. So now she puts it on every day while we’re getting ready and running around the kitchen and it’s one of my favorite things now.”

–Noah, 28

6. “He makes me a coffee while I’m in the shower. Nothing tastes better than coffee that someone else makes for you.”

–Rudy, 28

7. “She says, ‘Good morning, it’s a beautiful day!’ every time I walk into the kitchen. Even when it’s raining.”

–Jordan, 26

8. “My husband sends me a really sweet (or sometimes funny) text 10 minutes after I’ve walked out the door and I’m on the train so that I can read it on my way in to work. I love it.”

–Lori, 33 

9. “He gets up, puts on his slippers, and then lays mine by the bed for me to slip on right when I stand up. We’ve never spoken about it but he does it now every single morning, and my heart still melts a little bit every single time. It’s so little but it makes me feel so loved.”

–Anne, 34

10. “He gets up with the baby so I can sleep. It’s the sexiest thing he’s ever done.”

–Erika, 31

11. “I love when she’s so tired in the morning that she’s basically punch-drunk. Like if she’s really, really exhausted, she’ll get giggly and weird and silly. It’s adorable.”

–Charlie, 29

12. “He puts on the news (I know, we’re a couple of 80-year-olds) and he makes a coffee and makes me a black tea and we sit there and drink them in silence but it’s the best kind of silence.”

–Sonia, 27

13. “My toothbrush is always waiting by the sink with the toothpaste on it, because she knows I barely function before 8. She’s already out the door. It’s just this super sweet thing she started doing a couple years ago.”

–Chase, 30

14. “Singing. I just fall in love with her every time she sings in the morning. Sometimes her voice is raspier and it cracks and it makes it even cuter somehow.”

–Jon, 32

15. “He makes me a PB&J to bring to the office that I eat at 10:30 as a snack since I can barely make it to lunch. And oddly it keeps me going and I just think it’s really thoughtful.”

–Rosemarie, 28

16. “Well, if it’s a Saturday morning, she gets up and picks up to-go pancakes from our favorite brunch place because she’s an early bird, and then she brings them back to the apartment and wakes me up and we eat them together in bed. My favorite part of the whole damn weekend.”

–Travis, 27