16 Pieces Of Life Advice I Promise To Instill In My Future Daughter


1. Self-love is the very first romance you will ever experience.

2. Do not blame anyone for not being able to understand you especially when you are a closed fist to them.

3. Train your mind to know the difference between learning from the past and letting it wreck you.

4. On some days, you will have to learn how to be the light in your own dimmed world.

5. Love yourself the way you love the moon. Commend your glow; learn to see all of your beauty–no matter what phase you’re in.

6. There will come a time that you will be searching for who you are and where you fit in this world but know that you don’t have to give up parts of yourself that you like so that you can fit in one clear cut group.

7. Be yourself, all of yourself. It’s easy to be just one kind of person, but that’s not who you are. You are complex, you are diverse, and you are all things at once. Be hard to understand. Be everything, be all that you want and more.

8. You are not defined by how society thinks you should look or act. You can march to your own beat.

9. Never be afraid to try new things and see new perspectives to look at.

10. Don’t let hardships make you hard. But never be too soft.

11. Good manners will never go out of style. Say please, thank you, and hold the door for people.

12. When your body is hungry, feed it. When your body is tired, sleep. When you need to cry, cry. When you need to be angry, be angry. Never let anybody make you feel bad about these things.

13. Bitterness prevents you from growing. Do not ever let your pride be the most unconquerable obstacle.

14. The people who are truly beautiful are the people who look happy; the girl whose smile lights up the room even though her teeth aren’t perfect and her lips aren’t glossed. The one who when she laughs too loud, might snort a little but that just makes you all laugh even more. ‘Perfect’ is not beautiful, it’s with the little imperfections that show someone’s genuine that make you beautiful for who you are.

15. Be kind, always. Not only to everybody else but especially to yourself.

16. Live. Do not just exist.