16 Real Ladies Share Their Unedited Feelings About Donald Trump’s Comments On Women


While browsing Reddit, I found this thread in R/AskWomen about the comments of Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Trump was recorded on a hot mic discussing sexually predatory behavior in 2005. His comments were followed by accusations of sexual assault from over twelve different women.

The media and politicians are discussing these issues, but what about everyday women? In their own words (edited only for grammar or spelling), this is what they think:


Mostly exhausted. Like, I’m not surprised, it’s Donald Trump. Anyone who is shocked must have spent the past year living under a rock. I’m outraged by his current scandal because it’s so repugnant, but it’s feeding into the constant outrage I’ve felt for the duration of the campaign, and now I’m exhausted and feel sad/scared for my American friends and family that this piece of shit is one of their presidential candidates.

— snapkangaroo


I think he’s a vile garbage person who is unfit to lead. Those comments are just part of why. He’s a danger to women and he’s making other dangerous men feel justified in their behavior.

Also I don’t understand how men think they’re helping by saying “all men talk like that.” because they’re damn sure quick to scream not all men when women complain about men behaving this way.

— ladyintheatre


I’m sorry if this has been discussed here already. I scrolled down for awhile and didn’t see it.

A male friend who I consider extremely close and important to me just said “that’s just how men talk” and he then refused to acknowledge that there’s any difference between talking about someone attractive who you want to have sex with and saying things like, “When you’re a celebrity you can do what you want, no one stops you” and “I just start kissing them, I don’t even wait” (Trump’s quote was close to that). He’s extremely stubborn and I got pretty bummed out to hear him say this. He would have me believe that all men are like this, which I know is not true.

— melcrawmeow


Weirdly, I don’t care that much anymore. I think my capacity for outrage at Trump and his supporters is already maxed out, so any new scandal is just “yep, Trump did a Trumpy thing, and now the news will talk about it incessantly until he does something else.” Anybody with the slightest shred of human decency already knows that the things he says are inappropriate (although, sadly, they’re not uncommon).

— shinkouhyou


Not even American, but I feel tired.

It’s nothing new, it’s just the same old shit. It’s no worse than what I expect of him. It’s not remotely shocking and that’s what’s depressing about it.

It’s also depressing how many people feel the need to defend him every time he says something abhorrent (he’s just saying what people are thinking/he’s honest/that’s just how people talk).

It reminds me of all the hateful rhetoric around the UK vote on leaving the EU. Normalising acting like an asshole isn’t good for anyone but assholes.

— standstagger


My opinion of him hasn’t changed.

He is a narcissist who thinks he can do whatever he wants. It is disgusting.

— JoyfulStingray


It’s disgusting, plain and simple. I don’t give a fuck about vulgar comments, but sexual assault jokes are beyond vulgar.

To quote Hermione Granger, “You foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!”

— 7timesaday


It promotes rape culture and I don’t want a president that is so backwards and disrespectful like that.

— Itsthelegendarydays_


Disappointed, ashamed, exhausted, not surprised.

— jonesie1988


It’s just very sad that some people are defending those comments by saying that all men say shit like that. I’m certain most of the men in my life are higher caliber than that.

— cassanthrax


As far as the fact that the words came out of Trump’s mouth? Completely not surprised. This is just one thing in a long litany of moronic, “say what they wanna hear” bullshit that’s come out of his mouth. If you look back at his history with women, it should not be a surprise. At this point, I’ll consider it “news” when the man actually says something eloquent and intelligent, and ignore everything else. I get the feeling I’ll be waiting an awfully long time for that to happen.

The part that frustrates and scares me the most, though, is wondering how on earth he still has so many supporters? I live in rural America and so many people around here still rabidly believe that Trump is going to be their savior, and that the “liberal media” are being unfair to him and making all these things up. Has the American education system actually become so bad that this many people are incapable of critical thought? That is what truly frightens me.

— Anonymous


His party is trying to justify sexual assault, and while that’s pretty vile, it’s not surprising to see this defended by the religious right wing.

I’m more concerned about people who take his comments and think it’s ok to behave this way.

— JoJoRumbles


I’m almost more pissed about his comment today that “most women have heard worse”.

Like….yeah? And?

— Jon_hamm_wallet


I think his comments on just about everything are vile and disgusting, so I wasn’t surprised. I find it funny that THIS is what his GOP friends drop him over. Of ALLLL the horrible things he says about Muslims, immigrants, Mexico, etc, THIS is what does them in, a comment about white women. LOL. Also, I have a feeling that lots of the people who have denounced him over this were looking for a way out – and this was the thing they chose because it’s the easiest to be offended by (if you’re a racist, that is.)

— R0seb0mb


I’m no longer surprised when he says hateful shit because aside from all the churlish tantrums it’s all he ever says. He’s a demagogue and a joke; a morally repugnant fuckwit. I found him disgusting before he got into politics, and now my opinion of him is even lower.

— thegroundwontcatchus


I think they’re disgusting. Do comments alone make someone unfit to be president? Not necessarily. They don’t compare to Hillary’s actions. However, he has proven time and time again that he is hot headed, vile, and disrespectful and very unfit to lead a country.

We need a president who respects all people.

— BourbonBaristaBelle