16 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Date Someone Who Drinks Tea


1. Drinking tea can increase your exercise endurance. Studies show that green tea in particular can improve endurance capacity, which means that you’ll have an exercise partner for life.

2. Tea has anywhere from 15-70 mg of caffeine per cup, which means you’ll have someone who can stay up and watch your favorite show with you, without bouncing off the walls from an energy overload.

3. Tea kettles will always be awesome, no matter how many more Keurig-type contraptions come around.

4. Green tea has a ton of antioxidants that have been shown to prevent many types of cancer, including breast, lung, and stomach cancer.

5. It can also prevent the clogging of your arteries, and has been proven to reduce one’s chances of having a stroke. Which means that you’ll potentially have a lifelong, healthy partner who is much less prone to various ailments.

6. When your partner is upset or stressed out, you can offer them “a spot of tea,” which will allow you to indulge in your fantasy of being a 65-year-old British grandmother.

7. Tea is usually cheaper than coffee, so you’ll be spared from the experience of picking up a $7 espresso for them when you go out for a caffeine run.

8. Regardless of the fact that it has caffeine in it, tea is still hydrating to the body. So as long as your significant other is getting their daily dose, they’re probably much less likely to have any dehydration issues.

9. Drinking tea may provide a decent amount of protection from UV rays. So when you go on those family vacations, you’ll spend less time rubbing aloe all over their peeling back and more time playing beach volleyball (and then getting tired after 5 minutes of physical activity and returning to your pool chair so you can continue with the hobby you really love – sitting. Or am I just projecting here?)

10. Some studies show that drinking oolong tea can prevent weight gain and can even help with weight loss. And while it’s important not to put too much emphasis on your partner’s appearance, it’s nice to know that drinking tea can potentially help them maintain a healthier, more active body.

11. …Oolong tea also prevents tooth decay, which can only be good news for all parties involved.

12. Tea can improve your immune system, so if another round of the bird flu shows up, you and your significant other will (hopefully) be good to go.

13. Most tea drinkers have a lot of patience, because it takes that fresh brew so. damn. long. to cool down.

14. You can now enter the terrifying and overwhelming store that is Teavana with someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. Admit it, you’ve always been curious.

15. It’s been shown that drinking tea regularly can potentially counteract some of the negative side effects of smoking, particularly by preventing cancer and heart disease. So if you’re dating a smoker, drinking tea can possibly help prevent some of the negative side effects they might experience, while you try to convince them to quit.

16. Tea has been around for thousands of years. So if there was ever any chance that it could bad for you, damn, we would have figured that out by now.