16 Signs That They Are Not Actually Your Forever Person


1. You never come to any compromises. Either they get what they want or you get what you want. You never find a middle ground. Someone always ends up unhappy.

2. You argue over every little thing. You can’t go a week without getting into a fight or giving each other the silent treatment.

3. You have nothing in common. Whenever you want to see a certain movie or attend a certain concert, they aren’t interested in going with you. Your tastes are just too different.

4. You have wildly different ideas for your future. One of you wants kids and a house in the country. The other wants to be childless and live in the city.

5. You find it difficult to work as a team. Whenever you try to construct furniture or cook together or drive to a new place, you get into an argument. Your personalities always clash.

6. Whenever you make a decision, you do what’s best for you instead of what’s best for the both of you. And they do the same.

7. You don’t get along with a single member of their family or any of their friends, and they don’t get along with yours. The people in your lives all seem to hate each other.

8. You aren’t looking for the same things. One of you is ready for a serious, monogamous relationship. And the other one is still in the mood to play the field.

9. You never solve any of your problems. You have fights, but you never come to any resolutions. You just try to forget about the problem and move on.

10. You only have sex with them because you feel like you’re obligated. You never get excited about touching them. You just do it, because you’re supposed to do it.

11. You call each other boyfriend and girlfriend but you barely spend any time together. You both still act like you’re single.

12. One of you likes to smoke. The other hates the smell of pot. One of you likes to drink. The other refuses to be around alcohol. Your lifestyles are not the same at all.

13. You actively try to change them, because some of the little things they do drive you absolutely insane.

14. When you’re with them, you’re not the best version of yourself. You’re actually the worst version of yourself. They bring out a side of you that you’re ashamed of.

15. You can’t list out any reasons why you like each other, aside from the cliche ones: They’re nice. They’re funny. They’re attractive. There’s not a deeper reason why you’re with them. They just look good on paper.

16. You love them, but if you’re being completely honest, you don’t really like them.