16 Signs You Should Stay Single Because He Isn’t Your Forever Person


1. When you describe him to someone, you use generic terms like he’s a good guy, because you don’t know how else to compliment him. You don’t know what else you like about him.

2. When he double texts you, you don’t even realize it. You completely forgot that he texted you twenty minutes ago and that you never answered him back.

3. Whenever you mention him to your friends, you have to explain who he is again, because you haven’t talked about him enough for his name to make an impact.

4. You never get butterflies when you see his name pop up on your phone. You don’t rush to reach for your phone, either, because you’re in no hurry to get back to him.

5. When you’re with him, you think about all of the other things you could be doing instead. Like catching up on chores. Or spending time with your friends. You never just enjoy his company.

6. When he tells you that he misses you, you think he’s being silly because you just saw each other — and then you realize it’s actually been a few weeks since you saw each other.

7. You never post about him on social media. You put off changing your relationship status and you keep making excuses about how you like your profile picture the way it is and don’t want to change it to include him.

8. You never click on his snap stories. Sometimes, you even leave the snaps that he sent directly to you unopened for a few days.

9You still check out other guys. And not casually. You daydream about them and flirt with them and kind of wish you could be with them instead.

10. You feel weird whenever he tells you how much he likes you. For some reason, his feelings make you uncomfortable.

11. Whenever you drive to his house, you have to use your GPS, because you haven’t memorized how to get there yet. And you don’t remember the names of his siblings or his parents. He’s told you certain things fifty times and it still hasn’t stuck.

12. Whenever he talks about the future, you freak out. You don’t want to talk about moving in with him or having kids. You don’t even want to talk about whether you’re going to bring him to that family function next month. You’d rather just live in the moment.

13. He’s always the one asking if you two can hang out, and you’re always the one coming up with excuses about how you already have plans or how you aren’t in the mood to do anything that night.

14. You’ve met his parents and his dogs and all of his friends — but your parents still don’t know that you’re involved with anyone.

15Whenever he compliments you on your eyes, notices your new haircut, or likes one of your Instagram posts, you don’t feel flattered. His compliments don’t mean as much to you as some other people’s compliments do.

16. You never daydream about marrying him. You never even daydream about kissing him. When he’s out of sight, he’s out of mind.

Holly Riordan is the author of
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